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I don't know about you but I for one am always fascinated with other people's makeup collections. There's just something in me that's so curious to know what products other people are using, especially if their makeup always seems to look on point. I especially love curated makeup product shots on Instagram, the ones with the props and fancy looking YSL lipsticks that I can never afford.

For this post, I'm back with an updated 'makeup collection' post!! I actually did one 2 years ago but obviously many things have changed since then, and whenever I look back at that post I cringe so badly at how horrible the photos look, I can't even believe I took such horrible photos! *groans*

I don't have many expensive products, and the higher end products that I do have have been gifted to me by my friends! I definitely hope to be able to purchase some more expensive products (ahem, Hoola bronzer and MAC foundations, I'll buy you one day) You'll notice alot of Maybelline products, Maybelline makeup really gives you a bang for your buck, they're fairly good in quality and the best part is that they're affordable!! Most of the makeup products I own are below RM50 and they all work pretty well!! If you're interested to know what makeup I'm using at the moment, just keep reading!


1. Naked 1 palette
You always have a soft spot for your first famous makeup palette. The NAKED palettes are definitely Urban Decay's best creation to date. They even have different variations of their palettes, like the Naked Basics and Naked Flushed. I especially love the Naked 1 as it has a big selection of both matte and shimmery neutral, earthy brown tones that can be used for any occasion. I'm not a big fan of color, and I definitely don't want to be sporting neon yellow on my eyelids (I couldn't pull it off anyway) so this palette definitely hits the spot. I've had this for close to 3 years now and I still have not hit pan yet, so definitely invest in one as it will give you your money's worth! My favorite colors on this are Buck, Darkhorse and Hustle! Buck is a great shade for contouring if you don't have a bronzer!

2. Naked 3 palette
This palette was gifted to me for my birthday by a friend, and it's undeniably the prettiest palette yet! The shadows included in this palette are the prettiest shade of rose gold and bronze. I think this palette suits Caucasian skintones the best but that definitely doesn't stop me from using it all the same! Most of the shadows on this palette are shimmery so it's especially great for special occasions when you just want your eyes to stand out abit! Favorite colors in this palette? Dust, Buzz and Blackheart!

3. Silky Girl Quad
Don't know the price of this quad at all, and I personally have never seen this in stores. It's a weird story how I got this palette. Guardian was having some sort of buy 1 free 1 promotion for the Maybelline Hypersharp liner (which I'll talk about later on), so I grabbed two, but it turns out that the promotion ended the day before but I think they forgot to remove the promotion signs or something, so the staff gave this to me for free as a sort of compensation! This is my go-to palette whenever I have to do my makeup out of the house as it's so tiny and convenient to slip into my makeup pouch! I've been using the darkest shade in this quad palette 90% of the time nowadays as part of my everyday makeup routine as it's super pigmented and works well on my eyes!


4. Silky Girl Shimmer Duo Blusher
This is actually my mum's that I stole, just a regular duo blush from Silky Girl. The color on the left is more pink whereas the one on the right has more of a coral, warm tone to it. This blush is pretty mediocre, nothing too special about it. I hardly ever use blusher unless I feel like it so it pretty much just gets the job done for now!

5. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream
I don't use foundation as 1) my skin is pretty sensitive and I'm super scared that it might break out due to an allergic reaction to a foundation and 2) I don't want my makeup to melt under the sweltering heat of this country I call home. In Malaysia, the average temperature during the day can go up to 35 degrees celsius and trust me, I do not want my makeup melting off my face and feeling oily. This BB cream works pretty well for me, and it gives just enough coverage to ensure a natural finish. Only use this on special occassions! 

6. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
One of the best primers on the market and it really does wonders to help your eyeshadow stay on and the color to really pop! Been coveting this for the longest time a few months ago and my friends got me the travel sized one for my birthday, but now that I have it I hardly use it :/ Hmmm. It's great if you wear a lot of eyeshadow on a daily basis but this doesn't really go on my eyelid tape very well so I don't really use this either. 

7. Maybelline Mineral Pure Concealer in 01 Light
One of the best drugstore concealers I've ever used! And the best part is? It's less than RM20! I use this whenever I go out so it's definitely worth my money. It's so easy to apply, too!! Can't believe that a few years ago I was using the crayon type of concealer that never blended well for me *shudders* If any of you know of a better concealer, do let me know! 

8. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder
Tim got me this translucent powder from Korea last year when he visited, and he even got me two of these just cause they were pretty cheap! Till now I've only used a bit of this as I only use this when I wear BB cream. The difference between pressed powder and translucent powder is that pressed powder functions somewhat like a powder foundation in the sense that it's colored whereas you can dust translucent powder onto your face and it doesn't have a color to it! (Do let me know if I'm wrong!) 

9. Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder in 02 Nude Beige
One thing I don't like about this cake powder is that it gets on everything!! And it's pretty pigmented for me so it's hard to get off! I always use this under my eyes and I layer it above my concealer just to set it. I'm sure there are better options but this work for now.

10. NYX Matte Bronzer in 01 Light
Can't ever find the better NYX products from Sephora so my friend Christi was kind enough to buy this back from the US of A where she's studying! Pretty okay for a drugstore brand, it definitely does the job. 
Here's a photo of how it looks on my face!


11. Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express Mascara
Prior to this I was using the Magnum Volum Express Mascara and I had such a horrible experience with that! I wouldn't recommend that to anyone. Granted, it is a waterproof mascara and it makes your eyelashes look good but the removing process is so freaking hard I just wouldn't ever go through that again, The Rocket isn't a waterproof mascara but it has stayed on pretty well for long periods of time and the best part is that it's so much easier to remove than a waterproof mascara! Because it's not a waterproof mascara it doesn't dry up as fast either. The bristles are really easy to work with as well, though going over the bottom lashes can be a chore cause the brush is pretty chunky.

12. Silky Girl Precision Brow Liner
Love this brow liner, the fact that it's not a pencil and instead some kind of retractable device means that I don't ever have to sharpen it!! Muahahhaha. The only thing I hate about this is that it malfunctions sometimes and won't retract. I've wasted about 2 brow liners just because it wouldn't twist up! Ugh, so frustrating. So if you ever want to get this, don't ever twist it back down!

13. Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner
Pretty much the second best eyeliner I've ever used so far. (First being a Rimmel one that I can't find anymore), believe me when I say that it is indeed precise! The brush of this is really sharp to ensure a perfect wing for your eyeliner! Cons: dried up pretty fast for me once, but all I had to do was just run hot water on it!

14. Silky Girl Duo Pencil Liner
Pretty self explanatory, I use the brown side for tightlining and the white one on the inner corners of my eye whenever I want a little bit of highlight. Not very pigmented, so I'm just using this until it finishes!

15. Forever 21 Brow Brush
Yes, I don't know the actual name for this so I'm just gonna call this the Brow Brush hahaha!! Not really a makeup product but just thought I'd include this! I prefer this to an actual spooly as it gives me the squarish shape that I like very much on my brows! Comes with a built in razor if you wanna shave off the little brow hairs that grow out!


My favorite type of makeup! A sort of lip tint/ lipstick is an essential in my makeup routine just because I look like a corpse whenever I don't have some color on my lips! Nothing is more satisfying than swatching a ton of lipsticks on your hand when you're shopping for makeup!

16. MAC Satin
17. L'oreal Color Riche in Beige Sienna
18. NYX Cacao

Hardly ever use nude lipstick because it makes me more corpselike, and this is something I didn't know until after I already bought the product, sigh. But what doesn't work for me may work for you, so don't shy away from nude lipsticks just yet! The NYX one has more of a brown-mauve tone to it so it's similar to the color Kylie Jenner usually wears and I really love this shade! My friend got it from the US for me so I doubt they have this in Malaysian stores!

19. Topshop Brighton Rock
20. Innisfree Creammellow in #6 Plum Pink
21. Maybelline Jewels in Fuchsia Crystal

I tend to lean towards the darker pinks more as they bring more color to my face as opposed to the baby pink colors that would probably leave my face looking more washed out. Brighton Rock is just as bright as its name suggests (tried to make a pun there, probably failed), maybe even a little too bright for my liking. The Innisfree lipstick was gifted to me from Tim from Korea and I use this on a regular basis as it's very buildable and even a little bit goes a long way! Fuchsia Crystal looks purple on the tube but on my lips it's a nice deep shade of fuchsia-dark pink

22. Innisfree Creammellow in #8 Moistful Dewy Red
23. Topshop Hazard
24. NYX Hestia

I just love red lipsticks as they instantly make you look more grown up and not to mention they're also perfect for a night out on the town! I have to admit that the name of the Innisfree one sounds ridiculous as heck but it's a lovely shade of glossy bright red. Topshop's Hazard is more of a deep, berry red and it looks super classy with a simple cateye liner! Hestia on the other hand is more of a vampy red and it's one of my favorite lipsticks simply because it's' so moisturizing and creamy! I have very dry lips so I need all the hydration I can get!

I hope you readers got to learn a little something or got to discover a little more about my makeup collection! It's not much but it works for me for the time being! If you have any recommendations for new makeup products do let me know! I'm always open to trying out new products. And leave me suggestions for more makeup related posts if you would like to see them, or even questions on my! Till the next post!


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