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These past few months have consisted of me Youtubing and Pinning healthy meal ideas and working out consistently almost every single day. I think I've developed an unhealthy obsession towards smoothie bowls and overnight oats. Apart from looking really pretty and Instagram/Tumblr worthy -- can you say photogenic?! -- these recipes are really healthy and jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients as well.

Today's Easy Eats features a blackcurrant, strawberry & banana nice cream recipe that I got off Youtube. Nice cream is basically a much healthier version of ice cream -- literally made out of frozen fruits and that's it! None of the preservatives, coloring and fattening dairy products found in actual ice cream but tastes just as good. I think that pretty much caught your attention right?

What You'll Need
- A handful of frozen fruits of your choice.
- A banana to produce that creamy consistency.
- A touch of milk/soy milk/almond milk etc (optional)
- A blender/food processor
- Additional toppings of your choice

 Step One
Prepare the ingredients you'll need! I used frozen strawberries and blackcurrants that came in a HUGE packet from a wholesale food mart my parents frequent. I was so happy when they brought them back cause that means even more nice cream for me to devour! Of course, if you don't like these fruits you can freeze other fruits like mangoes and papaya! A good tip is to freeze your fruits in ziploc bags overnight and make it the next day.

You'll need a banana to produce the creamy consistency that ice cream has. Make sure it's fairly ripe so it doesn't taste weird!

Step Two
Throw in all the ingredients into the blender, hit blend and that's basically it! So simple and effortless right? You might want to add just a splash of milk/soy milk/almond milk just to make it easier to blend but I find that the consistency of the nice cream is better without the liquid.

Tip: Blend in intervals so you get to control the consistency and also use a spoon to scoop and stir the blended fruits around to make sure everything's well blended!

The consistency of the nice cream should come out slightly thicker than this!! Or simply just stop when you feel like it looks good. Mine kind of melted because I was taking so many shots for this post!

Step 3
Add whatever toppings of your choice -- it could be more fruit, granola or you can just eat the nice cream as it is! Since I ate this for brunch I thought it would be good to incorporate more fruits just to fill me up a little. I used strawberries, banana, apricot, blueberries, granola and chia seeds! In case you didn't know, Chia seeds are a type of superfood and are packed with nutrition and protein. To learn more about chia seeds click here 

See, who said healthy food has to be disgusting and inedible right? There you have it, a simple & super photogenic nice cream recipe in just 3 easy steps. You have to try this at least once!


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