11:42 PM

Aviators: Cotton On
Maxi Dress: Taobao
Bag: Bershka
Sandals: Rubi x Cotton On


This was my outfit for Pop Markets a few weeks back! I've mentioned before that I love maxi dresses right? They make you look so put together without even trying. This dress blends together two of my favorite things, fashion-wise: maxi dresses and florals. It was such a comfortable getup and the wind was blowing really vigorously when I was taking these photos so the skirt just flapped around in the wind like something out of a Sunsilk commercial HAHA. I think this pairing would be one of my 'lazy day outfits' because it's so easy to pick out, comfortable and the dress is already the main focal piece so I don't have to accessorize it too much. 

This bazaar was slightly disappointing and I didn't manage to get anything or see anything that caught my eye. I was there on work duty for Shoppr to interview and feature girls with nice ootd's, or 'outfit of the day's and I met the sweetest girls there! If you're interested in reading the article that I curated for Shoppr, do click here! Oh and I got to try Somersby's Apple Cider for the very first time and I just wanna say that I'm sold, it tastes amazing. 

As of now I don't know why but I just feel really refreshed and optimistic towards life. There was a phase in life where I was really 'realistic', some may call it being pessimistic but really, sometimes I just don't like being too hopeful or excited for things because I don't want to get let down. But recently... I've had a 360 degree change of mind. I realized that good things happen when you want them to happen! Not sure what that means? If you want something good to happen to you, put yourself in the best of moods, have a positive outlook towards life and you'll feel much more inclined and motivated to achieve whatever you want to achieve. You can choose to worry, fret and stress about unnecessary things or you can choose to take the bull by the horns, find a solution to whatever's bothering you and simply just know that not everything is worth stressing out over. 
Remember, happiness is a matter of perspective!

"Freedom is within you
Giving makes us feel good
Hello to more people
Say hello to the future"
- Alive, Empire Of The Sun


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