12:21 AM

Aviators: Cotton On
Bag: Bershka
Dress: Taobao
Sandals: Cotton On


Wore this simple ensemble out to Markets a while ago! We managed to score some really nice items from one single shop! Sher, Alexis and I all wanted the same clothes so we eventually just decided to buy all of them and split the bill and share the clothes among us! Smart idea, right? I can't wait to shoot with the clothes cause they're so simple yet pretty, I've even seen some of them featured on Singaporean blogshops as well as famous bloggers like Eunice Annabel!

When in doubt, always wear a maxi dress. It's just one simple piece of clothing you can throw on for any occasion yet you can look like you actually tried really hard for the outfit. This black chiffon one I have is extremely lightweight and comfortable and the skirt just flows with the wind and makes you look taller as well! Definitely gonna stock up on pretty maxi dresses from now on! I actually just bought a pretty white maxi dress from Petaling Street for only RM25, I'll feature that in another post! On the hunt for more more more, they're so comfy! Black on black on black never went wrong for anyone either ;)


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