12:17 PM

Top: Mum's
Skirt: Taobao
Watch: Leonard & Church
Loafers: Dorothy Perkins
 Bag: Coach


Roamed the streets of KL with one of my high school best friends, Win Shean to help him out for his coursework assignment. Have I mentioned that I absolutely love heading down to the city centre? Win Shean studies fashion at ESMOD and he's definitely one dedicated aspiring fashion designer! My first time driving to the city centre as I usually just drive around my town, and I'm proud to say everything went smoothly :P

His assignment was to document people's outfits of the day and the theme was street style. It was a pretty bad idea to head there on a weekday as no one really goes there on weekdays and so it was pretty dead. I reckon if we were to head there on the weekends he would've gotten so much more content for his assignment! Pretty cool huh, being a fashion student? Makes me wonder why I'm in A-levels learning binomial expansions. Hmm. 

Featuring one of my favorite favorite skirts. It's a Zara inspired midi pencil skirt and it kind of looks like fine china to me, hence the post named after it. I first saw it on one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Dreachong and fell in love with it instantly so when I chanced upon it when browsing Taobao I knew I just had to get it! Nothing catches my eye more than cheap and pretty clothes! It gets abit hard to walk in as the skirt is supposed to be tight around the thighs.

What do you think of this outfit? Do let me know! I for one love it!


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  1. Gorgeous outfit, very chic! I love it.

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