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I know, I know my birthday was about a month ago but I just felt like posting about it now! Hope you guys don't mind the delay!

Had a birthday lunch for Bryan and myself with the college clique at this fairly new restaurant near my college, Sikit Atas. All I can say is that I'm really really blessed to have this group of college friends that I've been friends with for almost one and a half years. To be honest, I wasn't sure that I would click with any of them when we first met during orientation but now I'm so thankful to have met each and every single one of them. Bryan, Yuen Meng, Shaz, Crystal, Tasha, Aqil, Alia, Bailey, Michelle, Jon, Sofia and everyone else, if you're reading this thank you for being daily annoyances/things to look forward to in college every day!

I usually don't really dress up for college. I hope no one sees me in college because I'm usually just clad in a hoodie and shorts. Hoodie cause HELP gets so freaking cold and shorts because the outside of HELP is scorching hot. Two contrasting temperatures can be a killer. On that day I wanted to look good but not too dressed up so I wore a plain white chiffon top that I borrowed from Crystal and a pair of high-waisted jeans from H&M that I scored for RM60 on sale! I really want to get Topshop jeans but they're so expensive and kind of not worth it.

Each and every one of my college mates have such distinct personalities yet we're all able to bond and click well with each other. I'm so thankful for that and it's kind of sad that I only have 2 more months of A-levels to go before it all ends. :( Really hope to keep in touch with them however Jon, Crystal and Alia will be going to their home states respectively and some others might be flying off overseas to study already! Sometimes I hate growing up, don't you?

L-R, Bryan, Bailey, Aqil, Jon, myself, Michelle, Crystal and Shaz!

Bryan and myself and the lighting looks so mysterious haha!

Chocolate cake that Shaz got for us, such a sweetheart and it cost her RM40 just for the cakes!
I feel so bad! :( 

Had some sort of indian food set lunch, nasi briyani with prawns, potatoes and chickpeas!
Tasted sooooo good and it was pretty filling as well!

Photo of the day, love you guys to bits!


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