2:30 PM

Had a birthday dinner with the PKOIs at W.I.P, Bangsar Shopping Centre. I was originally contemplating between other restaurants and I wanted to have my dinner at Fuego, but then I realized it was too pricey and the other restaurant that I wanted to go to was booked out for a private event. Did some research and decided to have it at W.I.P, Bangsar Shopping Centre and I was like heck, why did I not think of this place even though I pass by here weekly! W.I.P stands for Whipped Into Place and is under the same company as Souled Out and Tujo, so they've got a few restaurants under their belt!

Reached there late but my friends were even later *insert crying laughing emoji* so I had to wait an hour for them, aheeeem. Lights went out at 8.30-9.30 for Earth Hour so it was pretty hard ordering and eating, however all of us still had a good time there! The ambience there is perfect if you're  looking for a lively get-together. For romantic dinners, not so much cause they play really loud bar music there!

I simply love dolling up for events at night, I think one of the best parts of going out is the process of getting ready and making yourself look nice. So.... Let's start off with some selfies hahaha!

Perfectly aware that I am outfit repeating... I mean come on, we all own a washing machine don't we!
 Tube Top: Random one from a stall in OU
Midi Skirt: Taobao
Shoes: Vincci

Photo credits to the ever-so-patient Collin, he patiently helped us take so many photos! Sadly I didn't get photos with the guys, we were too focused on taking pictures of the girls!

All in all, a great night with the clique!


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