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I get questions from you guys asking me about my opinion on things or for advice and first off I want to say thank you and I feel honored that you guys value my POV's/opinions and I'd love to help you with your problems or let you know a bit more about me, even though I don't see the reason why -- I'm just a normal girl living an average life but I'm glad you guys are still interested in knowing a bit more about me!

I have recently come to the realization that as much as I want to properly answer and elaborate on your questions on, I just can't seem to do so in the moment (sometimes I can't think of any or sometimes I'm really lazy to think and type something out) and therefore I feel that some of my answers may appear as unsatisfactory.  It's hard to come up with full length answers for everything, trust me!

So heads up all my beloved readers! What I'm planning on doing is starting a segment on my blog where I select a few questions every month and will answer them properly on this space. What say you? :)

Question One:

Honestly, what I wear to college is really average and compared to my usual going out outfits, believe it or not. I usually wear a pair of comfortable loose shorts with a tank top, and a hoodie or a cardigan.

I have a college hoodie which is maroon in color and very varsity-style with collegiate letters (and pockets, who doesn't love pockets!) so it looks pretty good just worn on its own. Another hoodie would be Tim's and it's navy blue and goes with most of the clothes I own. Yay for versatile colors! 

Sometimes if I feel like dressing up a little bit I'll switch up my top for a slightly fancier top but those days are really rare... Reason being, 1. My college has these stupid chair-table hybrid thingies that are absolutely uncomfortable to sit in not to mention horrible looking? My college needs to spend more on facilities and less on aircon bills, it's Antarctica there I promise you, and therefore I need to be extra comfortable and 2. I want to save my nice clothes for when I go out and take pictures.. Cause no one really cares what you wear in college for 2-4 hours anyways!

But if you really want some proper presentable college outfit recommendations I would say.. Maybe a comfy dress and cardigan that you can easily slip in & out of and move about in yet look cute, a pair of comfortable jeans & a basic T-shirt or a nice sweater & leggings! :)

Question Two:

That's a fresh breath of air compared to the typical tight bodycon dresses most girls wear in clubs/bars! Personally if I were to don long pants I'd go with these combinations! They're cute, perfect for parties because of the sparkly details (I love embellishments!) yet classy at the same time and you don't show too much skin, and you can sit however you want (Pros of wearing pants!)

1&2. Black high waisted skinny jeans/ white high waisted skinny jeans. 
The best pair of high waisted jeans I've ever come across are the Topshop Joni jeans HOWEVER they come with a hefty price of RM200 which I'm not willing to pay for at the moment since I don't wear jeans that often anyway, I don't think I'll be getting much wear out of them. Black high waisted jeans are versatile and pretty much go well with everything. Dress them up with a white crisp shirt for a formal look for presentations, or dress them down with an oversized tee & slip-ons for a casual look! White high waisted jeans however are more suited for dressier occasions, in my opinion. If you're petite, all the more reason to get a pair of high waisted jeans as they'll elongate your figure and make you look taller because of the high waist: it creates an illusion that your legs start higher up than they do; if you already have long legs then they'll make your legs continue to go on for days! Be careful with white though, they might make you look bigger than you are but white is a really classy color altogether so it's really up to your preference! 

3. Gold sequined camisole (CALYPSO St. Barth Leola Pailette)
This splash of gold adds pizzazz to the whole outfit in general, it's a simple camisole top yet the gold sequins makes it look fancier than it really is! This top is a statement piece on it's own so there's no need for a statement necklace.

4. Black bustier top with gold detailing. 
My favorite top in the whole set, I feel that black and gold just goes so well together and the details on this top are so pretty! This top is cropped and I assume it would probably stop right above the waistband of the jeans so it looks fitted & put together! 

5. Python skin clutch (Salvatore Ferragamo Framed Clutch). 
This piece is from Salvatore Ferragamo but honestly how many of us can afford to go to the shop and splurge on this?! There are tons of other similar clutches that you can find in boutiques or online shops. I love clutches for nights out as they're convenient and not as bulky as a handbag. 

6. Nude top with detailing (Zara). 
I feel that this top goes really well with both the black and the white jeans! Nude is a neutral color that pretty much goes well with anything and it's basically just a timeless color. You can't go wrong with nude. I somehow can see this top with a pair of crochet shorts for Coachella too! So versatile! Notice the back strap detailing, I personally am a sucker for multiple straps like that. So pretty!

7. Black bustier top.
This piece might be a little racy and honestly.. I would be too scared to try this top off as it shows off a bit more décolletage than I'd like. It would probably look good on those models or Tumblr girls tho! Just decided to include this in here cause it looks pretty! 

8. Lace detailed top.
I like this piece! You could wear it with a black skirt as well to make it look like a dress. I feel like this top can be classy yet sexy at the same time because of the lace. It covers the shoulders yet you get to see hints of skin peeking out from the top. 

9. Triangle detailed gold plated envelope clutch (Givenchy Evening clutch).
I really love this clutch from Givenchy (again, another piece I can't afford but it's pretty to look at) and I especially like the gold plate on it! What a way to jazz up an otherwise simple and boring looking clutch, right? It's really minimalist yet looks good at the same time. Sometimes less is more! It would look really cute when photographed too!

10. Minimalist heels (Steve Madden Rykie). 
I swear these pair of heels go with EVERYTHING. They're from Steve Madden but you can definitely find cheaper alternatives elsewhere. I myself recently got a pair from Zalora. Dress them up or down, with shorts, dresses, jeans, skirts, trousers you name it, and they'll still look good no matter what.

Question Three:

I love Singapore! In fact I'd love to migrate and get a job there in the future. There's just so much to respect about Singapore and Lee Kuan Yew & his policies and legacies. Fun fact: I once spent over 2 hours reading up on the etymology of Singapore's place names. Anyways, I would say yes! Singapore's a good place to visit with friends but bear in mind that the exchange rate now is x2.7 (Wtf Malaysia??) and everything is almost 3 times as expensive. When I went, I had free accommodation so I'm really thankful for that or else it would set me off by another RM500 or so. I stayed at a friend's relative's place and for food we mostly ate at food courts. The food courts in Singapore are amazing and so clean and cheap as well! One tip while traveling, don't think of the exchange rate or you might as well not travel at all but yet stick to a reasonable budget. :) 

- You could try hostels if you have a tight budget. if you're interested however the price varies. Had a look and I really don't mind Five Stones/ Mori Hostel at Arab Street and Quarters Hostel at Circular Road. I wouldn't pay more than RM80 for a hostel as budget hotels in Malaysia are already about RM80 and of a somewhat higher standard. You're gonna be sightseeing the whole day anyway and you just need a place to sleep at night so if you're on a tight budget there you go! 
- Airbnb, I'm totally digging the concept of this even though I haven't personally used it yet, I still like going on and looking at the different accommodation places they have. I would suggest renting a whole apartment for the best deal & rates you can find and splitting the cost between your friends! It's more worthwhile to get an apartment and split, the total cost would probably be cheaper than a hostel itself and yes, you have the whole place to yourself! 

Ideas of places to visit
- Gardens By The Bay, if I can recall there's a section which is free for the public and another section which you have to pay to get into, I'm assuming they have nicer plants and flowers there but it costs about 20+ SGD which is probably RM60 so think about whether you want to spend RM60 to look at flowers... I would just go to a local florist lol. There's a section which is FOC however, and that's where the Supergrove Trees and OCBC Skyway is located! It costs SGD5 to get up on the Skyway for 15 minutes. I would say it's worthwhile as the view is magnificent. I went at Christmas time and they had a Christmas fair so it was twice as magical! 
- Resort World Sentosa. Pretty much a must-go if you're in Singapore. They have different entertainment parks such as SEA World, Underwater World, Adventure Cove, the man-made beaches which are free and not forgetting Universal Studios Singapore! Heads up: USS only has about 3 worthwhile rides: Transformers, The Mummy and the Battleship Galactica ride. I think the Battleship one is still closed? I heard an accident happened, not too sure though. There are "movie sets" where they show you how they film movies and stuff like that which is pretty cool. There was a Sesame Street ride which I loved LOLOLOL I know, I'm 19. And the whole place is just really pretty for photos but other than that, nothing too special really! I say save your money for Disneyland. If you wanna head to USS, get there early in the morning and buy your tickets beforehand so you don't have to queue. We queued about 2 hours for the transformers ride even though we were at USS at about 10am. The beaches are free and there are 3 beaches I think? Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and one more I can't remember. Siloso is more crowded. There are beach clubs you can chill at and have a drink! There's the Luge & Skyride which you absolutely have to try because the view from the Skyride is priceless. I won't spoil it for you but trust me it's beautiful. 
- Marina Bay, Singapore's pride. The iconic place you almost always see in postcards. It's the financial district of Singapore and naturally surrounded by towering skyscrapers. I would say, visit Marina Bay in the afternoon for nice pictures and at night for the amazing view. Trust me you won't regret! 
- Orchard Road. For shopping, what else? There's a huge H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, Takashimaya, ION Orchard (expensive stuff), Cineleisure (perfect for teenagers as everything is reasonably priced here) and just down the street is the Somerset district where there's another mall as well, 313@Somerset. 
- Bugis Street. For the girls, you definitely have to come here to shop. Try your luck haggling and definitely grab the items there if you think they're a good buy. The fashion scene in Singapore is much better than Malaysia's and you'll definitely be able to find great pieces there! I'm in love with this place. However most shops are selling similar items so do browse around for the best deal.

Other places of interest I have yet to visit but am pretty sure they're amazing as well
- Singapore Zoo. Heard it's pretty good. 
- East Coast Park. My accommodating is only a stone's throw from this place but I've only been there once in the middle of the night to the beach! Apparently you can rent bicycles and cycle along the beach and there are other outdoor activities there as well! 
- Haji Lane. Hipster hub. Lots of independent shops and cafés are situated here. 
- Clarke Quay for the nightlife scene. Heard it's good.
- Chinatown just to walk around and apparently the museum here is good. 
- Holland Village. I heard it's something like Bangsar? Not too sure.

Hope this was helpful!

Question Four:

Definitely definitely not. 

Firstly I wanna say that the number one reason I personally follow people on Instagram is because of their pictures. I follow a whole load of photographers and just normal average girls with nice pictures. Because I'm a very visual person and I love looking at pictures, architecture, illustrations and such. I don't follow people just because they're pretty or popular. 

Secondly, please never ever let Instagram dictate your self worth or who you are as a person. A social media platform does not dictate who you are; you dictate who you are. Please never think of yourself as not pretty or unpopular just because you think you don't get enough likes on your photos. You're amazing the way you are and you definitely don't need likes from insignificant people to determine your self worth. You are so much more than Instagram likes, you are the experiences you've had and the things you love. Not a couple of stupid "likes". Yes it may be nice to get likes on your photos but it's really not that important. 

Thirdly, people only show the best parts of their lives on Instagram, to portray the image or life they want others to see, or simply because the photos look nice. Take me for example, I don't drink hipster coffee and eat waffles with ice cream and pancakes and toast with strawberries every day. I drink water every day and I eat rice every day. I don't dress like how I dress in my Insta photos every day. I'm usually in house clothes with my hair in a bun and glasses on. People post photos that look aesthetically pleasing because they look nice and everyone wants people to think they live a fun life. Why do you think photos of water are so uncommon on Instagram! Because it's much more Instagrammable to be drinking a latte which costs RM10 with coffee art on it. So never ever think real life is how it is on Instagram! 

Question Five:

I would say I used to be closer to guys in secondary school because the guy friends I had were a whole lot of fun and they were loud and boisterous and I'm loud and extroverted as well with my friends, most of the girls in my class were really timid and shy and I guess we never really clicked well. So I would say I used to be closer to guys in secondary school. I had a lot of friends outside of school who were guys as well and we would go out together. In fact my church friends and childhood friends are mostly guys. In primary school I had a mixture of both guy and girl friends. Now in college I'm closer to girls as there aren't many guys in my intake and I'm making more girl friends now and getting closer to them. I haven't really been close to guys in a long time now, almost a year and a half I would say and I have a much smaller circle of friends now. :) So I hope that satisfies your curiosity.

I'm guessing you're from a girls' school or you're really timid with guys? I would say just treat every guy like a brother that's how you can be less shy. Some girls make the mistake of thinking guys like them when they're just being nice and then everything just gets awkward and that's not good. Just talk to them like how you would talk to any normal friend! Maybe you can start by offering them snacks that you brought to class? Guys love food and food is always a good way to make friends HAHAA you can go like, "Do you want some?" And trust me no one will say no to food. 

I'm so sorry this post was so lengthy but I hope I managed to answer all of your questions thoroughly! I had fun and this totally didn't feel like a chore or an obligation at all! If there's a question you would really like me to elaborate on, do include "#AskCam" in your questions when you send them in on and I'll select a few to answer! Otherwise any simple questions I can just answer you on itself! Oh god I feel like Aunt Agony here! Hahaha!


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