6:02 PM

No particular outfit post today but fret not because I have a lot queued for you readers and I have so much more planned for my blog this year! Keep those suggestions coming in on Ask.fm and there's a little Ask fm button at the side of my blog if you guys have any questions or want to request anything! The more the better, so feel free to request anything and I'll try my best to fulfill them!

Have you girls/guys heard about Lookbook.nu? If you haven't, then which rock in which ocean have you been living under?! Lookbook.nu is basically a website where the fashion community comes and uploads their looks and people can like or 'hype' the looks. There's definitely something for everyone since millions of users are using Lookbook! It's usually where I draw inspiration from, I could spend hours on this website! I was just browsing looks on it today and I thought, why not share some of my favorite looks that I've come across, right?

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