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So, many of you have been asking me about what to do for Valentine's Day. Honestly, it's really just up to you! And it depends on what kind of person you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/friends are. And yes, I mentioned friends because Valentine's Day is not just limited to couples alone!

Take your pick, A, B, or C and let's see what ideas I have to contribute!

(a) If you're spending Valentine's Day with your significant other
(b) If you're spending Valentine's Day with your girlfriends
(c) If you're spending Valentine's Day with your family

Generally, couples usually spend Valentine's Day with each other and yeah, on Valentine's Day there's always some people on Twitter who would go all "Don't just show your love on Valentine's Day, show it every day" bla bla and yes, I do agree with them but hey, Valentine's Day is a special day to commemorate love and it's fun, and yes it's a gimmick but it's a whole lot of fun too! So let's not dampen each other's spirits for V-day alright!

Gift ideas? 
I usually go onto Pinterest or Youtube to search for inspiration for DIYs for my boyfriend. I make him a gift every month and so far I've made 13 gifts and I can always count on those platforms to give me inspiration. 

Here are some DIYs you can try out yourself!
Disclaimer: I am in no way taking these DIYs as my own ideas and I will be linking the webpage of where the original post first appeared. :) 

Valentine's Day Heart Attack 

To view the full tutorial, click here! It's really informative

I guess this photo is pretty self explanatory? I made this for Tim before and he loved it!

What You'll Need?
- A cardboard box
- Colored paper
- Scissors
- A heart shaped stencil (or you can do this free-hand)
- Glue/ Double-sided tape
- (optional) Pens/markers

So basically you're just gonna cut up a shitload of colored hearts and put them into a box, you can go crazy with your colors and designs (it doesn't have to be pink but of course pink is uber cute!). Or you can opt to write cute little sayings or a little message on every heart, it's really just up to you!

Playing Card as Valentine's Day Card

This is pretty self explanatory too, as you can see all these DIY gifts look really cute yet simple to make and I'm sure that's what a lot of you are going for!

What You'll Need?
- King card from a deck of cards
- Card stock
- Glue 
- Pens

Basically, just stick the card onto the cardstock and write a cute little message as such, and you can also write a longer more heartfelt message on the inside and express your love to your significant other!

Nothing wrong if you don't have a Valentine's date, who needs boyfriends when you have your girlfriends, right? I myself had a gal-entine's with my friends a few years back and it was really fun! We bought balloons, cupcakes and went out for brunch together and we got to bond and spend the day with each other. Valentine's can also be a day for you to show your sisterly love to your girls!

Valentine's Day White Chocolate

Who doesn't love V-day inspired snacks right? I mean, just look at those cute little white chocolate hearts! You can get the full tutorial here 

What You'll Need?
- Heart Shaped Silicone Ice Trays (Ikea sells them!)
- White chocolate 
- Sprinkles/ M&Ms of your choice
- A fridge lol

1. Put your chocolate into a bowl and melt them in the microwave but make sure not to make them too runny!
2. Pour the melted chocolate into the silicone ice trays
3. Go crazy and sprinkle all sorts of sprinkles and decorative edible food on it
4. Refrigerate until solid
5. Remove the chocolates from the ice trays and you'll have cute little chocolates!

Conversation Heart Bags

For the full tutorial, please click here

While I'm not too sure if there are conversation hearts sold in Malaysia (Conversation hearts are basically litle edible hearts with cute messages on them), you can always opt to buy little gummy hearts/marshmallow hearts from supermarkets, or if you want something fancier hit up Candylicious in One Utama and search for other prettier little treats to put inside!

What You'll Need?
- Little envelopes 
- Colored Paper
- Scissors
- Glue
- Pen/Marker

Go ahead and decorate your envelopes however you want and write the names of your friends on the respective envelopes, and fill them up with the conversation hearts and other little candy treats you'd like to add to the pile! It looks super cute and dainty!

Of course, you can also choose to spend Valentine's Day with your family -- after all, they're the people who love you the most out of everyone in this world and they won't break up with you or give you mixed signals, hahaha! Spending V-day with family is a really unconventional way to celebrate it but heck, who cares right? Go ahead and show your love to your family through these simple ways

Valentine's Day Coupons

Link to this tutorial here! Granted, this is really cheesy and has been seen on social media millions of times already but it works because your family is always bugging you to do chores for them right? So why not make a little coupon book for them to "redeem" chores or little favors?

What You'll Need
- Colored Paper
- Pens
- Decorative material
- Hole Puncher
- Ribbon

You have two options with this, you can either choose to print out the templates for the coupons by googling Love Coupon Templates or something similar, or decorate your own if you're creative that way! You can put in your own little details inside like "One free laundry service", "One free massage" and the works, it's just really up to you! I'll guarantee your mum will find any excuse to use these! 

Seven Days Of Love

The link says spouse but you can definitely use this on your parents and it's more likely for them to open it up if they take medication or supplements daily in these types of boxes! You can either buy one or use the existing ones that they have!

What You'll Need?
- Pill box
- Treats they'd like
- Paper
- Pen

Write little notes on the papers and roll or fold them up and put them into the pill containers, so they'll have a different note to read every single day! Definitely write notes of appreciation and encouragement for them, they'll love it.

These ideas are not much but I hope they helped you if you were looking for some simple Valentine's Day gift inspiration. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone celebrating and don't forget to let your loved ones know how much you love them! You don't have to spend a lot of money on Valentine's, especially if you're a student. A little heartfelt handmade gift goes a long way! 


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