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Some more of these delayed happenings, but I guess this one can be considered as the night version? :) By the way, one of my New Year's Resolutions is to blog more, and I think I've been pretty good at keeping that one so far, so here's to fulfilling them!

Christmas Dinner, Acme Bar & Coffee

After lots and lots of debating and researching and planning and deciding on which restaurant to have our Christmas dinner at, we finally picked ABC! (Technically I was the one suggesting all the restaurants cause that's my forte HAHAHA), and the interior and decorations of ABC really did suit our theme! 

We wanted to sit outside initially but then it was raining super heavily so they put us inside, which, actually, is a whole lot better. Look at the pretty Christmas lights everywhere!

We felt kind of overdressed because everyone else was wearing shorts and slippers and casual clothes, but technically ABC is a pretty fancy, smart-casual-ish restaurant so we convinced ourselves that we're not overdressed, everyone else was merely underdressed!

Had a great time with these peeps, everyone there is just so down to earth and chill with each other! Looking forward to hanging out with them more often!

Meet Ysabella!

 And Sher

After dinner, we headed to Claret to have dessert, Claret is technically a wine bar according to their website but they serve dessert too! Chilled there for a bit before going over to Fuego for some drinks and pictures! Sadly Joo Min, Sher and Billy had to leave early so they didn't get to join us.

The view from Fuego is amazing, I'm pretty sure I'm going to return there with them for some proper South American food!

Collin, Sue's boyfriend, is such an amazing photographer! He was so patient and told us what poses to do and where to stand and all. 

 Ysabella, Alexis Sue Ann, myself, Pearl-Lyn & Noveeta!

Friends for like what, 18 years and still counting!

1st Anniversary Dinner, Beast Bar & Grill, The Intermark

Scouted for places to go to with Tim for our first anniversary (again, my forte, why am I not paid for this?!) and we eventually decided on Beast! It's actually one of the restaurants under the BIG Group (think Ben's, Plan B etc) located at The Intermark, which is a fairly big building so there's no way you can miss it. 

Can't believe we've been together for a year already, seriously feels like just a few months since I met him. Well, as they say, time passes fast when you're having fun! Really hope we get to spend the rest of our lives together as well hehe!

Didn't get many photos because the lighting inside wasn't very good. It's really dim and the interior looks like a cigar lounge/gentleman's club. The food did not disappoint either! Definitely coming back!

Handsome date of the night :)

 We ordered steaks, truffle mac&cheese, and potato wedges!
They gave us complimentary bread as well with a generous serving of butter.

 Oh, and guys, I cut my hair! Thought it would be a new change for the new year!
My long hair was getting a lot of dry split ends anyway, so fresh hair it is!



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