10:56 AM

White High Neck Top: Topshop
Printed Trousers: Taobao
Loafers: Dorothy Perkins


Had an impromptu picnic cum photoshoot with the best friend recently around her condo. We originally just planned to take photos but we were hungry as well so you know, why not combine the both and eat outdoors? 

Couldn't find a picnic mat so we had to make do with a bench in the park. Sandwiches are actually from Subway and the cookies were just random ones lying around her place. I hope I managed to make it look aesthetically pleasing!

The past has been making a comeback in terms of fashion and this white high neck top is reminiscent of the 90's, when high necked and cropped everything was what everyone was wearing. I'm wearing this basic high necked cropped top from Topshop and it's made out of a jersey material (not sports jersey), and goes pretty well with everything. Paired with these beautiful printed trousers (I think they're Zara inspired?) and those glasses and loafers I think I'm ready to time travel back to the 90's! What's your favorite 90's look? I'm digging the neutral makeup, the cropped everything and the high waisted jeans!


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