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One of my best and longest friends, Alexis Sue Ann (I call her Sue), was turning the big 2-0, and wow can you believe it? Just yesterday we were just children! I can't believe my friends and I are really all growing up into adulthood already. So we had to have a nice dinner celebration to commemorate it. Again, I was given the task of looking for a place to have her special night at, and after a lot of research & googling we eventually settled on Ploy @ Work Clearwater. Clearwater Residences is pretty near HELP Damansara Heights and Jalan Duta (God knows what it's called now) and they serve up an exquisite blend of Thai and Japanese food, and everyone loves Japanese food right? So Ploy it was!

Sue wanted an elegant blue & white theme and everyone followed it to a tee! The show stopper was definitely the birthday girl's outfit though, I fell in love with it instantly. Everyone had such a great time and I'm hoping the birthday girl did too! If you're reading this Sue you hoe, I hope you had a blast!

Sue came over to my place after work to get ready and we just took our time, no rush at all, we had a really relaxing doll-up session and we didn't have to rush anything, until I took a glance at my phone which read 8.30pm -- we were running late! In the end we didn't have time to do our hair! Tim picked both of us up and off we went to Ploy. 

It was quiet on a Monday night and we were practically the only guests at first. Another party came trickling on later on. If you're planning on heading to Ploy I really do recommend The Godfather Special, as stated on their menu online it's basically salmon don with ikura (roe), avocado, royu (chilli oil) and nori (seaweed) in tempura flakes. It's very very flavorful albeit the servings being slightly on the smaller side for the price of RM25.50.

We were seated inside at first but then moved outside later on for photo & smoking purposes. (I don't smoke but some of my friends do, before you jump to conclusions!) Without further ado, here are the photos!

 Selfies with Sue's Samsung NX3000, the quality is amazing!

 Sher, myself, Alexis and Ysabella!

 Boyd, Billy, Collin and Tim

The boys, Boyd, Bryan, Joomin, Collin and Tim

 Myself, Sher, Pearl, Alexis, Chanel, Ysa and Noveeta

Wearing the prettiest top ever from Zalora, basic leggings, heels from Vincci (not pictured) and a pair of black feather gold chained earrings from a flea market!


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