TIM'S 19TH - 2014

2:39 PM

Delayed post from last year, sorry guys!!

Second birthday spent with Tim and so I decided to surprise him a little more this time!! I saved up for ages,( 4/5 months? But felt like ages ) to prepare and buy all of these for him!! I also enlisted the help of a few friends so Yun Qing, Kevin, Alex, Victor, Kenneth, Sam, Adrian, Cheyenne, Brandon, Zhuo Yi, Eunice, Xin Yu and everyone else who came for the surprise and helped out for the surprise, thank you so much!

Did a Tumblr balloon surprise and I know it's super cliche and all but I like it okay!!
Pre-ordered these balloons a few days before Tim's birthday which fell on a Friday. I was supposed to go collect them on Thursday night but I was supposed to go to the gym with Tim at the same time. So I was thinking to myself, shit la, how am I supposed to do this without him finding out?! 

So I got a good friend Kevin to help me pick the balloons up and send them to my other friend Yun Qing's place. Yun Qing is Tim's neighbor. 

On his birthday morning, I got up early at about 8.30 and headed over to Qing's to collect the balloons and lol this was what I did, I had Kevin put the balloons over at her place so I could park my car at Tim's, walk over to Qing's and walk the balloons over back to Tim's. Haha not bad quite smart right?! Cause I was scared that the balloons would burst if I brought them back home and tried to put them in the car. I'm really impatient so I can't deal with fragile things like balloons.

Spent 45 minutes trying to untangle and cut the balloons because the strings were all tangled up! Eventually everything was done and I set everything up in his room! For those who are curious as to why is his room empty? It's because he sleeps with his brother in another room to save on air-con bills. So cute. 

 Got him a pair of Nike Free Flyknit 4.0s he's been wanting for ages!
They're now officially his favorite shoes cause he's been wearing them so much.

 Haha so adorable in his pyjamas

Later on in the afternoon, I told Tim that I was heading to college to study but I actually drove to Subang for Phase 2 of the surprise! It was held at Nando's, Taipan USJ.

I contacted Cheyenne, Brandon's girlfriend. (Brandon is Tim's friend) and asked her if she wanted to have a little surprise lunch for Brandon and Tim (they have the same birthday), so after that we invited his friends but a lot of them couldn't make it sadly. 

I also got Alex and Victor, two friends of ours, to bring him out to "gym". The plan was this: Alex and Victor would casually mention that they were hungry and detour over to Nando's to have lunch. But instead, Alex and Victor started acting all suspicious and said that the gym was next to Nando's, which Tim knew wasn't. So they kind of gave the little surprise away. :P But that's okay!

We were supposed to surprise Brandon first, then Tim, but Brandon wasn't surprised at all because he actually saw Sam the moment he stepped into the restaurant. So, surprise failed for Brandon.

Next up was Tim's turn to be surprised, he walked in together with Victor and Alex and saw Cheyenne's head. So, he wasn't surprised either.

Conclusion: Surprise failed.

We had dinner with Tim's family at Mosaic, Mandarin Oriental.

Mosaic is said to have one of the best buffet spreads in KL! And they certainly did live up to their reputation and oh, did I love the interior of Mosaic! It's very classy yet modern.
They had Indian, Chinese, Western, Japanese, and everything was pretty good! Except for the waffles which tasted kind of stale. If any of you go there next time I definitely recommend having the smoked salmon, it's soooo good. 

Ate till our hearts' content at Mosaic.


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