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Warning: Picture heavy post ahead! 
Can't help it, the photos are too nice so I just have to post them up hahaha!
If you're interested keep scrolling, if you're not interested, still keep scrolling! :p

Day 3
Maxine and Alex went to shop and meet up with Dom, our other friend, while Tim and I got ready for our date together in town! I took kinda long to get ready cause I messed up my eyeliner and had to redo my whole eye, boo. :(

First stop: Orchard Road! 
Tim brought me to eat at Sushi Tei and that Sushi Tei had a really good view of the streets below! It was also super bright and perfect for photos but we didn't take many photos there! Just to show you how bright the sunlight is there....

Ta-da!!! Hahahah damn bright right?! 

Best part about the Sushi Tei there? They have Tonkatsu-don! Which is pork rice, and we don't really get to eat that in chain Japanese restaurants in Malaysia because it isn't halal. But every Chinese has gotta love pork, right?!

After that we just walked around Orchard for a bit, here are some bits and pieces from Orchard!

I still think my boyfriend is the most handsome man alive to me!! Hahaha he looks so good with and without glasses as well *heart shaped eyes emoji*

 Somewhere outside 313@Somerset..

 Abercrombie & Fitch and Topshop/Topman at Knightsbridge!
I love the name Knightsbridge, it sounds so English!!

 Hahahah I think our outfit games were pretty strong?!
*Self praise is no praise, stop it Cam*

We had the much raved about Honeycreme at 313@Somerset for S$5.90 a cup! It's a small little shop located near the taxi stand, directly behind Marche if you're coming from inside the mall! They have multiple flavors like Honeycomb, Affogato, Cotton Candy and of course, the one I got, Popcorn! 

Honestly I initially got popcorn because it was the most insta-worthy flavor... But when I tried it it was surprisingly good! Pretty sure the popcorn is from Garrett's which is behind Honeycreme as well! I didn't really like how the ice cream melted extraordinarily fast though, even Inside Scoop or Baskin Robbins' ice cream lasts longer. :/ 

It started raining and then Tim looked kinda worried because he was planning to surprise me by bringing me to places, exactly the same thing he did for me last year! I asked him why and he said because the next destination is located outdoors. He's so cute when he worries hahaha. We quickly took shelter in Takashimaya and got caught in a 10-minute human traffic jam on one of the floors! It was so packed it felt like I was in a rave all over again! 

At about 5pm, Tim finally told me that we're going to Esplanade, so we took an MRT there. Esplanade is Singapore's main performing arts venue, much like KLPAC or the Sydney Opera House and it was really grand inside! I thought he was bringing me to see a play or a musical or something because we actually passed by all the production posters and I was getting excited.

Turns out, we weren't going to catch any of the productions but instead.......

He brought me to the Rooftop Terrace @ Esplanade!!!

The view was breathtaking. Rooftop Terrace is actually a rooftop garden where you can go and chill and see the view from Esplanade overlooking Marina Bay Sands and Singapore's Financial District. I can't describe how beautiful it was at sunset, so I'll just let the pictures do the talking. 

"I wanted to bring you here to watch the sun set."

There's something about watching the sun set with someone you love that makes everything feel so much special, much like taking in the beauty of the world with that special someone by your side. I can't describe how much effort this rascal here takes to make me happy. The first time we watched the sun set together, it was in Singapore as well and we were going down from the Skyride in Sentosa and he told me to look up, and the view was the sun setting in the horizon of the Singaporean sea ahead of us. :')

Haha brings back memories :')

We just sat there and talked, and took photos while taking everything in and I've never felt happier. Singapore, you are beautiful.

We had dinner at Orgo Bar & Lab, this restaurant is by far my favorite Singaporean restaurant as of now! I love love love city lights and lights in general, so this part al-fresco dining location with the view of MBS at night was perfect for me. I would love to have a birthday party here if I was Singaporean or stayed there!

Some unedited photos because I'm lazy to re-import the edited ones from my phone!

Tim wouldn't tell me our next stop after that so you can imagine me waiting in anticipation! He made me wait till we got into a cab and the next words that came out of his mouth after that was "Gardens By The Bay". I got even more excited because I knew Gardens By The Bay was beautiful, and of course filled with lights, at night.

We got lost in Gardens By The Bay because
 i) There were so many people 
ii) Tim wouldn't follow my directions! 

Eventually we got to this area called Supergrove Trees and they're actually these big "tree buildings"! And they were all lit up at night!! There was a Christmas carnival around the whole Supergrove Tree area where they were playing Christmas songs and they had a live band playing normal songs as well, and had stalls around selling their goodies for Christmas! It was all really festive and Christmassy, and made me really happy!!

We got tickets to the OCBC Skyway. It's a suspended bridge 22 metres above ground level and needless to say, has a great view of Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay skyline. It costs only S$5 to walk on the OCBC Skyway! Definitely worth it for the experience and even better for us because it was all Christmassy everywhere!

 Singapore Flyer! Sadly it's so overpriced.

My favorite rainbow lights of all. :3

Definitely one of the happiest days of my life :) 

And right when I thought it was over, we walked over to MBS and Tim surprised me all over again by bringing me to watch the water show, the exact same thing he did last year. This man is full of surprises. :) No photos from here because my phone died! The rest of the photos were taken with Tim's phone!

Ending Day 3 with some random pictures we took at Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands. We headed over to Newton Food Centre after that to meet up with Dom, Alex and Maxine and have supper!

As you can see I'm an extremely physically clingy girlfriend!! Hahaha just have to cling onto him as much as I can!!

Day 4

Woke up early and Alex's aunt brought us to have the famous Bak Chor Mee at Bedok which was around where we were staying! I think it's called Lao Lim Bak Chor Mee. It was really really good but the downside was that we had to wait for about an hour just to have a small bowl of noodles! :(

Best part of Bak Chor Mee is definitely the "zhu zha" aka pork fats! It's so bad for your body but it tastes good as hell. Besides we don't get to eat this often so... why not right HAHA.

Went home, showered and got ready and headed over to Dom's Singapore house at The Loft, Nassim Hill and can I just say, that this condo has one of the best and most beautiful condo landscaping I've ever seen??? It looks like something out of Tumblr or Haven magazine!! 

I'll show you the place after some selfies!! Lol

 Childhood best friend and boyfriend who are also best friends #what #win

And there you go, The Loft's landscaping! Hooooly shiiiiiitt pictures don't even do it justice, it's even more beautiful in real life!! 

It's right next to Interpol HAHAHAHHA.

Just chilled at the pool area and took photos while Maxine and Dom went swiming with Dom's little stepsister, Amelie. 

 Hi Alex

Went to Orchard again to meet up with Tim's friend Charmain for a while and had Honeycreme (again), and Charmain is so cute and nice hahahaha! If you're reading this, I'm glad I got to meet you and we shall hang longer soon next time I go over or if you come to KL!

Rushed home, packed up and went to the airport, had dinner with Alex's relatives and went back to KL! KLIA2 is so shit compared to Changi International Airport I swear. That place has a sunflower garden and a cinema or something if I can recall. Whoaaa.

That concludes my short trip to Singapore! 

I have so many other posts lined up for you guys so stay tuned!


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