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Some rough updates of some of the things that have happened in my life these past few months! (Totally not using this as an excuse to post up nice pictures) Not too sure who would be interested in knowing about my life but here you go!


Had lunch with Alex, Tim, Siobhan and Samantha at Wondermama, Bangsar Village, one of my favorite go-to restaurants when I feel like eating somewhere nice and don't feel like spending so much! 

Recommended dishes? The Beef Nachos and Nasi Lemak 2.0! Both under RM20 only.

Had fun just catching up with them, taking photos and just talking, walked around in Bangsar Village for a bit after that, too!

Haven't had Wondermama in the longest time.... I've half a mind to drive there right now!! That's how good it is! Haha I've brainwashed Tim and Tim's mum to love it too!

Nana's Green Tea, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Humans always seem to bond better over food, especially Malaysians, God knows why. Met up with Jodi and Chester because Jodi and I wanted to try out Nana's Green Tea, as we heard many good reviews about it.

Sadly, it's not worth the hype at all. :/ The food was mediocre only and overpriced, and the interior of the restaurant was pretty plain, despite the promising looking exterior.

Maybe go there for dessert and try out the green tea ice cream lattes if you guys like, but the food was really just average only!


Crystal's 18th, Serai @ Paradigm Mall

Planned Crystal's birthday lunch and decided to have it at Serai, Paradigm Mall. I think I've mentioned previously that the Serai restaurants belong to my friend Shaun Chen's mother and aunt, and the food there never disappoints!

Sadly, I think the food photos are all with Crystal. I don't remember whose phone I used to take the food photos with but I do know it wasn't my phone, so I apologize for that. Maybe next time?

One thing I love about Paradigm Mall's Serai? The lighting is SPOT ON. Great for photos!! Most of the photos below are without filters. I only edited the color and contrast, so you can sort of see how clear the lighting is!

Recommended food at Serai: Nasi Ambang and Nasi Kerabu! 

Meet Alia, the class Econs genius!

I think I look quite good in these photos so must post more ahhahahahhaha, excuse me.
It was a good hair day and a good face day for me and neither of these come often!!

Crystal's whole ootd credits to me. I sold her the top and lent her the skirt. HAHA.
And I'm wearing her dress too! Everything from Taobao huhu.


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