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Not sure if you guys have heard about the recent drama over the blogosphere. If you haven't, here's the gist of it. There are two rival social media companies: Nuffnang and Gushcloud. Bloggers like Xiaxue, Qiu Qiu and Yutaki are signed to Nuffnang whereas Naomi Neo, Tammy Tay and Eunice Annabel are signed to Gushcloud. So what I see from this is that Xiaxue really hates GC. (I shall start using abbreviations here like XX and GC) I have been a loyal reader of XX since 2009-2010ish and she is an extremely good writer and blogger even though I don't really agree with some of her views & comments which are super controversial. She is also known for blogging about people who offend her (e.g insulting people's children, looks, etc)

Gushcloud has allegedly been "inflating views" and "buying followers & views" and getting their Influencers/bloggers to do "masked ads". So basically, Xiaxue has been plotting this for a year already. And she set up a fake company to engage Gushcloud's services and paid for a banner ad which cost SGD1k. And bought Gushcloud's financial statements for $50 each. Which is a whole load of work and money if you ask me.

What do I feel about the whole fiasco? 
I have no place to say anything in this, I don't consider myself a blogger and I am certainly not "in the industry". I just happen to be a girl that has a blog and who likes writing and I feel like I want to share my thoughts on this.

1. I feel like Xiaxue should've taken a nicer, more sympathetic approach when talking about her fellow bloggers and put the whole blogpost in a nicer tone. She used to be friends with Yan Kay Kay who is under Gushcloud but she openly bashed her ex friend like that and included her name. She also called out Asyiha Ams and Eric Lim. & she kept stressing on how she's a top blogger and she has so much more views on her blogs and videos. As Xiaxue loves to say, really damn buay paiseh loh!! I mean you're famous, we get it. You don't really have to stress that in every single post you post online.

2. After reading Kay Kay and Eric's statements, you can view them here and here, I have a clearer understanding of how Xiaxue manipulated her post, using photos from when Kay Kay and Eric were not actively blogging to her fancy. I take Accounts in college, so I have a rough understanding of the financial statements and balance sheets. As at 2013, yes they indeed do have $16k in the bank but they have trade receivables (money owed by clients etc) of $388k. And do note that it was during 2013. Gushcloud has only recently gained exposure in the blogging industry this year 2014, as I do follow a few of Gushcloud's bloggers and noticed a surge in advertorials among their bloggers this year. So I would assume that they have much more in the bank this year. And I'm pretty sure they treat their Influencers well, assuming that their Influencers have gained so much success (e.g Naomi Neo, Eunice Annabel Asyihah Ams & Rachel Wong got to be Sunsilk Ambassadors) and they all look pretty happy whenever they're together with their GC family.

3. I've seen a shitload of hate comments directed at the GC Influencers who I follow. I find them unnecessary as I've also been a victim of hate tweets. In fact, I hate it when I see hate comments DIRECTLY ON THE PERSON'S PHOTO and hate tweets to people as they are real human beings, capable of emotion and feelings. What do you think they would feel being called "liars" and "fake" and "pathetic" from people they don't even know? (Note: Yes I do indirect tweet people, who doesn't right, I'm sure you're guilty of doing it too at least once? But I indirect tweet things I personally find stupid/illogical or people I dislike. I do not include their names because I know it would be super hurtful reading them. But I have never sent any hate comments on Instagram and I've stopped indirect tweeting people already, trying to turn over a new leaf. :) And the ongoing #faithinXiaxue hashtag war is stupid. This is a "war" between Xiaxue and Gushcloud, not everyone and Gushcloud. There's no point taking sides in this social media fiasco, and there's certainly no point in sending hate tweets and comments to them and making things worse. What did they do to you at all?! So drama sia.

So yeah those are my few thoughts on this. Just something I thought I'd share with you guys because I love writing and this blog is a space where I can clearly express my thoughts (if you guys even care), because if I take to Twitter, I'll get bashed and shit (lolol, so much for freedom of speech :P) I enjoy reading the blogs of both Nuffnang and GC bloggers and each of them have their own different flair for things so I find it unnecessary to hate here hate there and all. (Note: I do not hate Xiaxue, I just dislike some of the stuff she does and says) It's Christmas Eve, and I think that everyone should stop fighting among each other for a couple of bloggers that don't even know you exist. So yeah let's all just be happy and not add fuel to the fire by sending the Influencers hate comments and all okay. :-) Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. In her second post, she talked about a higher purpose as a social media advocate, what she is doing is for the good of the bloggers and community.

    That was when I threw my hands up in the air and went, who is she kidding? Linking Xiaxue with a higher purpose is as far fetched as expecting a hen to quack, it is clearly a fruitless attempt. Or is it?

    More about blogger ethics and the truth behind Xiaxue - Rebel with a cause or wolf in sheep's clothing?"

    More at the link below.


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