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Had so much fun on my previous Singapore trip with my friends that we planned another one! Sadly, Ze Xian, Kenji & Aaron couldn't make it this time. Ze Xian had exams, Kenji had basketball training for his school team & Aaron's studying in Taiwan. Nevertheless, the 4 of us (Tim, Alex, Maxine & I) still headed down South to the Lion City!

We went there from the 18th till the 21st of December. I actually forgot that our trip was till the 21st only, I thought it was the 22nd! Forgetful me... And to think that we already planned our itinerary nicely till the 22nd! A lot of things had to be cut short and some plans with our Singaporean friends even had to be cancelled cause we planned to meet them on the 22nd, sigh. I booked the flight tickets in August, so the tickets were a whole load cheaper than if I were to book them in November/December. We flew via Tiger Air and it was only RM165 for a return trip! I reckon if we were to book them in March it would've been even cheaper! (Economics principles of price elasticity of demand, heh.) As for accomodation, all of us have relatives in Singapore but we stayed in Alex's aunt's place because that's where we stayed last year.

Day 1

Flight was at 12pm, but we had to reach the airport by 10am, and we had to start our journey at 830am. So basically I had to wake up at 7am. I thought if I booked an afternoon flight we wouldn't have to wake up so early -- but I was wrong. Oh well, we all learn from our little mistakes!

 I look very pale & sick without any lipstick or lipgloss on. :( 

After we had settled down and everything, we wanted to get Groupon for Sentosa. We eventually decided to go to the Underwater World to see the dolphins & seals, and we found a package consisting of the Underwater World and some other show called Wings Of Time. I think it's a bird show? Idk. So anyway we found out that we have to go self-collect the tickets from the office in Orchard. I was pretty bummed out that we couldn't relax and everything first but oh well, things we do to beat the queue and save money.

After we came back from Orchard, Alex, Tim and I went to the clubhouse gym (which was pretty badly equipped) and got a little workout in. At night, we headed to town and Alex's cousin Alvin brought us to eat at this place called 18 Chefs in Cineleisure which was quite good and pretty affordable! The highlight of our dinner was that we actually get to "make" our own cheese baked rice - we got to choose the toppings and the stuff we want inside our rice. Like sausages/mushrooms etc. If you have a Singaporean Student ID, you get a discount on the set meal. So Alvin and Tim both got discounts. :( Hmph. After that just basically walked the streets of Orchard and went home cause we were pretty tired already. Tim used to stay in Singapore so he went to meet up with his friends after.

Funny thing happened: Maxine and I were at H&M and we went to Abercrombie to look for Alex and Tim, but they were closing already. I asked one of the workers at the door whether we could still go in but he said no & offered to look for them instead. So I told the worker their names. And then this other girl worker came out and we were all like ???? what??? Turns out, the girl's name is Alex also and the guy worker thought we were looking for her. HAHA.

Day 2

I went to Bugis to shop alone because Maxine's knee was hurting, poor thing :( It was raining like crap and it was super hard for me to get out of the condominium because I didn't have an umbrella. In the end I just walked in the rain (sobs) to the shuttle bus stop to take the shuttle bus to the LRT. If you don't already know, I LOVE shopping alone. I love taking my own time to browse through things and explore the shops on my own. It's super therapeutic and stress-relieving. Bugis is a must-go if you're in Singapore and you're looking for cheap clothes. The items there usually range from $10 to $30 and best part is? It has 3 floors!!!! But most of the clothes are repetitive so you'll have to look around to find the best deal for the same clothing item. No pictures from Bugis cause I was too engrossed in shopping.

Took the MRT to Harbourfront after that and met up with Alex, Maxine and Tim. We had a late lunch at Food Republic and can I just say that I had THE BEST cereal prawn rice. Like no joke, it was the best thing I've ever tasted and for $6.90 only. Craving for it right now..... Mmm........

Headed into Sentosa after that and we kinda got lost for a bit. Basically there are 4 stations in Sentosa. Sentosa Station, Imbiah Station, Beach Station and Waterfront Station. We were damn confident that Underwater World was at Waterfront Station (which is where USS is) so we went there and turns out....... it was SEA Aquarium there, not Underwater World. Ok can't blame us la, the names are related to some water crap. Underwater World is actually at Beach Station which is where Siloso, Tanjong Beach etc are located.

 I swear the jellyfish were so beautiful, photos don't do them justice!

 Was super happy to see the dolphins because they were just so asdasdkasl CUTE. How can you not love dolphins?! I mean, just LOOK at them!

Saw this post on Twitter that the dolphins aren't taken of nicely though and the picture showed some gnashes/bruises to the dolphin's back, not sure how true that is cause the dolphins seemed pretty fine to me..

After that we left Sentosa and just walked around Vivo City & shopped for a bit. We wanted to take a cab back and the queue for the cabs were DAMN FREAKING LONG... We decided to take a premier cab & beat the queue instead. There was someone before us heading to Marina Bay and the cab driver didn't wanna fetch him there and we were like, "Uncle, Bedok?"  and he said OK. FYI, Bedok is like all the way to the east and near the airport and super far from town so idk why he wanted to fetch us... Maybe he was gonna go to the airport to pick up people after that but yeah God bless you uncle!!

Found out that in order to take pictures and swim with the dolphins, you have to pay an additional $200+ I think. Sentosa really whores their dolphins out leh!!

Part 2 up soon!!


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