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Careful confession: I shopped again.

But then again, I think my shopping habits are worthwhile as I buy a whole load of things that are cheap and worth the money, not some overpriced item that's probably been marked up 700% by flagship stores. I mean, most of the things they sell in shops nowadays are probably sourced from Taobao lah right? China IS an export-based country after all. (Lolol using economics terms in my daily conversations nowadays, what has college done to me)

Didn't want to spend as much this round so I got just a whole bunch of phone covers, accessories and some random clothing items. Oh, and a pair of shoes I've been coveting since forever! You may notice some photos are brighter or darker than the others. I apologize for the weird photo quality, I swear it looked so much more aesthetically pleasing in my phone!


 Marble Printed iPhone 5 Cover
By far my favorite phone cover. It's so pretty and I don't feel like using it just yet because it's just so pretty and I don't want it to get scratched!

Floral Printed iPhone Cover
 As you know I'm a sucker for all things floral. This floral print is in such a whimsical color also, different hues of blue, pink and purple! P.S The wording is quite irrelevant.

 Alice Goes Punk iPhone Cover
Disney characters all grown up, rebelling and shit. Never would've ever imagined Alice in a full sleeve. I feel like I'm the only one I know who has this cover! Muahahhahaha. But not for long, I might be bringing in these to sell! Let me know in my if any of you are interested, I want to see how the response is first!

Mint iPhone Cover
This may look like a bumper cover but it actually is a full cover! The back is transparent whereas (obviously) the edges are mint in color. I just got this simple iPhone cover to protect my phone when I don't feel like using the other pretty covers.

Tortoiseshell Clubmaster Inspired Shades
I already have a black framed one so I thought I'd do it a little different this time, change it up and use a tortoiseshell framed pair of shades instead! I wanted to get those K-drama/K-pop star style kind of shades but I didn't think I could pull them off so I just stayed on the safe side.

Black & White Slip-Ons
I've seen so many different brands come out with this shoe but if I'm not mistaken Steve Madden's one is the most famous out of the lot? Correct me if I'm wrong hahaha. I'm so happy I managed to score this pair! Best part? It goes with almost everything and it's so easy to wear and look like you actually tried with your outfit.

Charcoal Grey Wool Cardigan // Black Maxi Dress
I've been looking for a dark grey cardigan that I can wear over anything for the longest time. I love pockets so the fact that this cardigan comes with pockets is definitely a plus point for me! (Haha can store phone, money, anything also can, I love pockets!) I didn't check the material and then when the item came and it was wool I was abit apprehensive, cause I thought it would be scratchy and uncomfortable but turns out its actually super soft and comfortable! And it keeps me warm in college.. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I'm always complaining about how cold college is haha!

This chiffon maxi dress is definitely one of my favorite pieces yet, I love how it makes me look so tall and much slimmer! I initially wanted to get a bareback maxi dress but then I realized.... I don't have a Nubra and I don't think I'm going to buy one anytime soon so I switched to this one instead. However one thing I don't like is that the spaghetti straps are abit short in the front. :/ I would prefer it if they were longer. :(

 Floral Printed Crop Top
Saved my favorite one for the last!! I just love love love the print of this! Isn't is just soooo pretty?! It ties and buttons in the back but one downside to this top is that it's kind of short for me, so I'll probably have to wear it with high waisted bottoms. But still, LOVE IT!!


Some of you may or may not know this but my friends and I have started selling accessories! We don't have an Instagram account for it because it's just something on the side and we're not serious about it yet, so we're selling it on Instagram using my account as a platform! 

We've brought in sun chokers, wishbone necklaces (as seen in the first photo) and rings, and the response was amazing so they're all sold out now! 

However, we also have tattoo chokers which are all the rage right now. If you're interested in purchasing tattoo chokers then please Insta-direct me or mention me on Twitter, my username is CamilliaLim for both!! 

If you don't know what a tattoo choker looks like (seriously what rock have you been living under?!), it looks like this!

 Seen on Kylie Jenner
And on Pia Mia as well

So if you're interested to get it, we're selling it for RM 15 only!! I have limited stocks available (4 pieces) so do grab it while you can!

Hope you liked this little "haul" haha can I even call it a haul??
Cafe adventures up soon!


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  1. Hello! Would you mind sharing with me the taobao links? :)

  2. Yes, do share the links!! The items are so pretty :-) thx in advance


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