2:38 AM

I feel so burned out.

Juggling 3 subjects in A-levels may not seem hard but trust me, it sucks the life out of me. I don't know how I managed to juggle 10 subjects in SPM. Looking back, I would rather take SPM a million times than go through this.

I must admit, seeing photos of my friends going out and having fun all the time on Instagram makes me truly envious. Knowing that I still have another 8 months of this bullshit isn't helping either. Maybe when I'm in university I can finally look forward to having my social life back again?

I feel like I'm really trying my best but still, it isn't enough. I still feel unaccomplished and that I can do so much better. A Tuesday for me would look like this: Wake up at 7am > College till 4pm > Tuition till 630pm > Public transport till 730pm > Sit through a jam & reach home around 8/8.30pm > Rest > Study till 12am > Sleep at 1am. Rinse and repeat. And no matter how many hours of sleep I get it will still never ever be enough. Oh, and I'm having extra classes during the weekends as well. Hahahahhahahahhahahha yeah, that's how my life is gonna be like for the next 8 months. It may not be that hard compared to uni students (I always see them doing assignments late at night at McD's) but it's enough to burn me out. Back in highschool everything was so chill.

Oh and on a side note, I really wanna take nice ootd shots for you all, I really do, proper ones with a DSLR and nice backgrounds and fancy ootds and all but I just don't have anyone to take them for me. My boyfriend isn''t exactly gifted in the ootd taking department and I always feel bad that he has to take tons of photos for me until I find the perfect shot (which isn't easy) so we'll have to see!

This is off-topic but I'm really hungry right now. That is all.


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