2:56 AM

Had a "floral themed" shoot with the amazing young budding photographer, Ju Lene around her housing area! We originally planned for a carnival shoot since there was a fun fair going on at Bukit Rimau at the time that she contacted me but sadly it was the monsoon season & so it rained and every single time we tried to reschedule, it would end up raining as well. Then we planned for a hill shoot but the location was kinda dangerous :/ The flowers she got were supposed to be made into a flower crown but there weren't enough flowers sadly! They're still really pretty though!

After months of delaying, we finally got around to doing the shoot! Her photos are really amazing for a 15 year old -- can you believe it, 15? I'm sure she'll make something out of herself very soon so expect to see her name around more! We had a lot of fun even though we got kinda sweaty and Ju Lene is such a sweet girl!

Excuse my awkward poses, I'm really not good at this modeling thing and we were just following what she requested us to do! :P

 Cropped this cos I'm fat

 Look so tall here cos I'm standing on a branch haha!

Looking forward to more shoots with Ju Lene if she ever wants to do any more! :) Oh and please go check out her VSCO Grid,  


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