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Isn't it sad that most of us are subject to very typical Asian parenting?

They expect us to live such mundane lives, sometimes even the lives they never got to live. So they send us to tuition and remedial classes. They put us in piano classes ever since we were young. Art, dance, singing, sports classes. We may or may not even like these classes, but we're forced to attend them anyway. All of this to hone our expertise and mould us into the person they want us to be. I'm not being ungrateful but I'm simply stating a simple fact: We don't get to choose how our lives turn out. Your capability and talent is measured by a simple statistic: your exam grades. Exams are a measure of academic intelligence. They don't measure how good of a person you are. They don't measure how much kindness or patience is in you. They don't measure the full capacity of your being. They don't measure your self-worth.

And then comes the dreadful stage: when you're about to enter college/university. You really really wanna do art & design, or music & theatre, or media, but your parents say you're never gonna make it in Asia. Even though you're really really willing to work hard and make sacrifices, go through sleepless nights and days and days of training and torture to make your dream work, it's never going to happen because your parents simply don't want it to happen. They even threaten you with not wanting to pay for your college tuition if you don't follow the path they want you to take: which is usually law, medicine or engineering.

And then you spend the rest of your life calculating the velocity of an engine you don't really care or give a shit about. Or memorizing "phenazopyridine" or "anti-thymocyte globulin". (Yes, I did Google that and FYI, they're names of medications)

That's why I guess most Asians don't really have passion in anything they do. Our passion for certain things is pushed away in favor of more "socially acceptable" careers. To think that we'll never be able to do the things we love most. And maybe that's why we look up to the Western culture and lifestyle so much.

Their parents support everything they want to do and encourage them to go for their dreams, because it's been passed down generation by generation. I always see articles and pictures of Westerners going all out to achieve their dreams. They get to travel around the world photographing tales only a picture can tell. They get such enriching experiences living with people all around the world and getting to know them and their background stories. They get to go after their dreams and audition to get into Julliard, a school of the Performing Arts in New York. They have such big dreams, dreams of having their own art exhibition and having their abstract pieces hung up on a wall for all to admire and see, dreams of becoming a successful footballer for famous clubs and dribbling their way to Barcelona, dreams of being noticed and scouted by a modeling agency and being able to strut down the runway at New York Fashion Week, dreams of twirling and doing arabesques on The Royal Opera House.

Not a shitty 9-5 job doing shitty property law cases.

I guess our parents will never understand what we really want. Sometimes their "best interest" isn't really in our best interest at all. Sometimes we just really want to take charge of our own life. We know what we're good at and what we're capable of. We know ourselves more than anyone else. Sometimes they just really do not understand that this is our lives, not theirs. It's ours to make a dream out of, it's ours to make it successful and it's even ours to screw up. If we choose to live under a cardboard box in the most dodgy parts of the city, they shouldn't say anything about it because it's something we WANT. We're not robots that are programmed to go through exam after exam, we're souls with dreams and aspirations and we'd like it if they gave us a little more support to achieve them.

It's about time they understood that.

I could go on and on but I think I'll stop around here or else it'll make me really furious hahaha. I'm sorry for the lack of updates, I've just been really busy lately!

Taobao haul coming up, that's a definite promise! 

Here's a picture of donuts to brighten up this otherwise gloomy and depressing post.


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    1. You're welcome! Hope this helped you and I hope you're able to solve your problem regarding this! :) Take care!


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