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As promised! My most recent Taobao haul for you guys. I bought a lot of printed shorts this time round because I feel like they're so easy to match with. Just throw on a black or white colored tank top and you're good to go. And also because they're so ashdiashda comfortable and you're able to look like you actually tried for your outfit. 

You'll notice a LOT of floral too. I didn't really like floral earlier this year but now I've just been so into them! I actually had a floral craze back in Form 2, when I was 14, but then I moved on to darker & plain colors, and now I'm back into floral! It's crazy how fast you can like & dislike a certain style. That's why I never buy expensive clothes or splurge or anything (unless it's basics and essentials like jeans, a good pair of jeans can last you years!) because I know I'm going to get bored of it sooner or later so why splurge?

Without further ado, let's see what I have to show you guys!

 Tropical Printed Off-Shoulder Top.
Love this print! 
It's so tropical and goes well with a pair of black jeans, shorts or bodycon skirt!

Off-Shoulder Floral Top.
 This has got to be my favorite top from my haul. Simply love the color combination, and also there are shoulder cutouts! 

Tropical Printed Spaghetti Strap Top.
 Really loving the whole tropical print vibe!
Never seen a white hibiscus before tho, as our national flower is red.

 My selection of printed bottoms! I also got a pair of black skorts that I didn't include in the picture because they're just regular black skorts and I'm sure you all know how they look like!

 Grey H&M inspired shorts. 
They're made out of terry cloth or something and they're just so so so so sooooo comfortable I can't even. I usually wear them with a black tank top or just to the gym!

Tropical Printed Shorts.
 In case you guys were wondering, the top and bottom comes together as a set! That way you can pair it together so it looks like a romper for the days when you have no idea what to wear! These pair of shorts are abit on the small side for me since it's free size but I don't have to worry since the waistband is stretchable!

Kendall & Kylie Pacsun Inspired Shorts. 
If you don't already know, Kendall & Kylie Jenner have their own clothing line in collaboration with Pacsun. I have no idea what the clothing line is called but I just HAD to get these shorts the minute I saw them. Especially love the crochet detailing. However, the sides of the shorts just kind of overlap each other, they're not sewn together, so they tend to reveal abit more than I'd like. :/

 Rainbow Abstract Art Printed Shorts. 
They're soooo cute what with the little pom pom balls and all. 
I don't know why but these pair of shorts just make me happy because they're so bright!

Floral Midi Skirt
One of the most beautiful pieces I got. I think it kind of looks like an English porcelain plate!
I didn't intend to get these, my mum originally ordered them. But they were too small for her and they fit me perfectly, so she gave them to me! I love how classy this midi skirt is. It comes down to below my knees, and the navy blue and white color combination just makes it so versatile. However the material makes my skin itch abit. :(

 Marble printed pants. 
They looked so good on the model but I got a size too big and they look funny on me and kind of emphasize my thighs. So I guess I'll just be wearing these around the house :/ What a waste.

Wrist Cuffs & Eye Bracelet.
My friend Shaz got the same bracelet but I thought it looked creepy, but after a while I found them really nice & edgy and they started to appeal to me more and more till the extent where I just HAD to get them! The eyes are so beady but I think they're definitely a statement piece.

That's all for my haul! Hope you guys liked it! I can't wait for Chinese New Year so I can buy more things again! I have like countless amounts of items in my shopping cart already, shopaholic problems. :/ 

I've been receiving a crazy amount of questions on regarding my Taobao items and where I got them from. I'm glad you guys are giving me good responses for my previous Taobao related topics but I'm sorry to say I won't be answering any Taobao related questions anymore! 

Reason being: I searched high and low for these items and spent hours and SO MUCH effort looking for them; it's not very fair to me if I just gave them to you guys in a single link. :/ 

I'm really sorry guys but I've been answering those types of questions for a very long time already and I'm kind of tired of it. However if you wanna know the search terms you can refer back to my previous Taobao tutorials!


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  1. Hi, can you send me the link for Tropical Printed Off-Shoulder Top, Off-Shoulder Floral Top, Tropical Printed Spaghetti Strap Top, Grey H&M inspired shorts & Floral Midi Skirt? Thanks :)

  2. omg those printed shorts look so it <333

  3. Your reason show what kind of person you are.... tsktsk

  4. Hey anonymous.... try posting with a name for a change?

    I'd like some help with tao bao too. But hey, she is not obligated to help us. #freedomofchoice


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