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1. Pop Markets
Flea markets & bazaars are a tradition between me and my girls and as usual, Pop Markets wasn't an exception! With Dee overseas at that time and Rebecca oversleeping (haha sorry Becks if you're reading!), Lee-Anne and I decided to go together with our boyfriends and a 5th wheel, Joey! 

Pop Markets was organized by Pop Culture PCSG and it was held at The School, Jaya One. I personally haven't heard of it before but a lot of local blogshops were there such as Bash Clothing, Lacey Daisy, So Fetch & Peep Boutique (that's all I can remember from off the top of my head). Apparently a few popular bloggers were there to sell their preloved items too! Sadly it wasn't as lively and as well publicized as Chic Pop @ Markets so it was a bit dead. *By the way, what is up with all these events and the word "Pop" hahaha!*  I didn't get anything at all because I JUST ordered 14 items off Taobao and yes, I'll be doing another haul soon so stay tuned for that. I really wanted to sift through the suitcases and baskets where they put their preloved items but I felt bad for making my boyfriend wait so I didn't!

 Really really in love with this sunflower romper that I got from Bash Clothing, do check them out if you have Instagram as it's a joint shop between two of my friends and they're doing amazingly well!

Outfit of the day.
Sunflower Romper - Bash Clothing
Cardigan - Vintage
Necklace - Forever 21
Prada Inspired Bag - Taobao 
(pls dont ask me for the link as I've lost it and so many people keep asking me for it even though I've mentioned that I lost the link!)
Watch - Vintage. Fun fact: It doesn't work. It just looks nice. HAHAHHA

2. Markets @ Jaya One

Same place, same concept, different weekend. THIS is the event that my girls and I would go to without fail. Every 3 months (except the one when it fell on the same date as Thirst 2013) we'd all meet at Jaya One to shop and catch up with each other, and meet with our other friends as well. Markets just keeps getting bigger and better each time. It's huge now and there's a proper space for them to utilize in The School. The amount of people we bumped into was crazy, almost everyone was at Markets this time round! Had a really good lunch & conversation over Peri-peri chicken at Nando's with Tim, Dee and Becks before heading off to shop.

Something you might find cool: There was actually a Redken truck where you could go inside and get your hair curled/straightened for free, and they'll give you some complimentary hair products as well. Smart marketing gimmick, I must say. Not a fan of waiting so I didn't go for that! Again I didn't buy anything because my inner conscience kept telling me not to spend any more money. Had a really really great time with everyone there though!

 Really think this photo of me looks awkward as hell, my head looks hella bigger than my body hahahha but anyway...

Outfit Of The Day
Shades - Rayban knockoffs from Petaling Street HAHA
Floral Abstract Top - c/o Lacey Daisy
Bodycon Skirt - H&M

Really in love with this top, I think it might be one of my favorites now! It's open for pre-order on Lacey Daisy now so do check it out if you're interested! Comes in black, white and blue.

3. Christi's farewell @ Silver Spoon, Publika

It just struck me how fast we all are growing up. Feels like just yesterday we were running around playing pranks in school. Feels like just yesterday I was chilling at the gazebo by the pond or setting random things on fire in the classrooms with my friends. Blink of an eye, we're all 18, 19, 20, 21 years old and flying off to different countries to start new chapters of our lives. Recently so many of my friends & acquaintances have left the country for the US and many more are heading off to the UK after they receive their results. Feels really really bittersweet to have to see my friends start their long distance relationships and it makes me scared as hell to think that I might have to do LDR with Tim later on in life and not see each other every single day as we do now anymore.

I've known Christi for years and years and being in the same church, we grew up together but only recently have we gotten closer to each other and I'm so thankful that we got to share amazing memories in these past few years. Gonna miss her so much!

Feel like I look extremely fat in these pictures. My boyfriend isn't very gifted in the ootd taking department. :(

Outfit Of The Day
Gold Chain Necklace - Markets
Chiffon Cold Shoulder Top - KWC in KL
Printed Skorts - Borrowed


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