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It's back to college for me and work is piling up almost as quickly as you can say "Screw A-levels". It has been the same old boring routine every day: wake up, go to college, come back, study, sleep. I haven't been up to much these past few weeks and haven't been taking as many photos of food and outfits as I'd like to for food review and fashion blog posts and therefore I apologize for that. Please let me know in my what you'd like me to blog about!

This is just a little photo diary of my shenanigans! And even though a picture already says a thousand words I thought it'd be nice to add some details about what I've been up to.


Mikey's Original New York Pizza
Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

I personally don't favor pizza and I only eat it if I have no choice (I bet you guys are groaning and wondering how can anyone dislike pizza). However when I went to this pizzeria in the middle of Jalan Telawi 2 with Dee, I had THE most amazing pizza experience of my life, ever.

The pizzas here are huge, the slices are literally bigger than my face! And they're priced around RM10 or so for a slice of pizza. Honestly it's not that worth it as RM10 can actually buy you a proper meal somewhere else (2 chapfans, 1 katsu-don, 10 packet nasi lemaks, 2 wan tan mees/chicken rices... holy shit I'm such a cheapo lol) but it's really worth it if you want to just try it out! 

We had the BBQ pizza which was amazeballs and something else sorry I can't remember what it was!, buffalo wings and waffle fries which is practically fried potato shaped into a waffle! Super cute. Shared the food among 6 of us, Dee and her relatives. I highly recommend coming here as a group for food tasting and not for a whole meal if you just wanna try everything, split the bill among yourselves and not spend a bomb! They have other restaurants in Bangsar for that :P 

Aquaria, KLCC

Always wanted to go for an aquarium date with the boyfriend after seeing this picture on Twitter

Yeah it's from one of those bucket list accounts and some of the ideas on the accounts are actually really cool. The last time I was at an aquarium was when I was 10 and that was in SEA Aquarium in Resort World Sentosa, Singapore. 8 years ago!! I'm not a super big fan of marine life but I thought it would be a good experience for us. The fare for Aquaria is priced at RM40 with MyKAD. Aquaria is located at the actual convention centre and not the shopping mall so we had to walk quite a distance to get there. Bloody expensive but then again, how often do you want to come to an aquarium right?

The first thing you'll see when you step through the entrance barriers of Aquaria is a whole tank filled with pirahnas. Tim and I were really fascinated until we found out that the Aquaria staff had removed all their teeth (or else they'll end up eating each other then no more pirahnas left lol). You can actually watch the staff go in and feed the sea animals at certain times! There's also a 'touch pool' where they let you touch certain sea animals like starfishes, little guppy fishes and sea urchins. The last part of Aquaria is this little tunnel thing where you step on a travellator and basically get to see all the cool animals like sharks and turtles and huge ass fishes!

 Yeah that's a shark wtf. So cool!

 City girl like me, I've never seen a turtle in real life until now.
Couldn't believe it was THIS huge.

 Inside this tank there's another huge ass fish which we didn't manage to get a good picture of
but it was freaking huge. Easily twice of me if I lay down flat.

Jalan Mesui, Changkat Bukit Bintang

I love going to the city! There's always something very exciting and it's probably the novelty of being in the heart of the city. Dee and I have planned for literally AGES to hit up this quaint little cafe called Feeka. I'm sure some of you have heard of Feeka! It's just a small little house-turned-cafe located along Jalan Mesui. It's so small that if you blink you might just miss it. 

Really enjoyed the whole experience of Feeka. The architecture and the interior design was so pretty and there was a really cool mural on the wall!

As usual, coffees priced around RM10 or so. Dee had the All-Day Breakfast (RM20) and I had the Lavender Pound Cake (RM11). The Lavender cake was really really good albeit a little sweet. It was also bigger than the usual cafe portions so it was quite worth it!

Changkat in the daytime is really nice to take pictures at. Contrary to popular belief hahaha, Changkat is actually really peaceful and chill in the afternoon! It's only at night that they transform into a nightlife hub and the main place people hit up to party in KL. :)

We're not being antisocial, we were just posing with our phones cos we didn't know how else to pose hahahahhahaa.

Vertigo, The Gardens
Mid Valley City

Last chance to club at Vertigo as it's closing down for renovations or something. Honestly Vertigo hasn't been very popular ever since Play opened anyway. Celebrated Shaun Chen's 18th birthday there and what can I say? It was a shit clubbing experience mainly because of the music (I'm very particular about edm music and I feel you really need skills to come up with a nice mix not just play around with the settings and frankly the DJ was shit because who the hell plays 22 by TSwift, Taxi Taxi and Gentleman at a club?)  but the company made it good! :)


 6th Month Dinner
Muugu, Jalan Jati, Bukit Bintang
38, Grand Hyatt, Jalan Pinang, Bukit Bintang

Boyfriend really went all out and splurged for our 6th month celebratory dinner! Apparently he heard about Muugu from our friend Brandon and he brought me there to check it out! I literally had no idea where we were going cause I was blindfolded the whole 30 minutes of the car ride. Let me tell you that was one scary car ride!! I didn't take any photos of the place but it's really, really nice and cosy yet formal. Muugu is seriously underrated as they serve really good food for really reasonable prices! We had a Cream of Mushroom Soup and Garlic Bread for starters and they were priced at RM8 each if I'm not mistaken. Tim and I both had Fish & Chips and Fettucine Carbonara respectively at RM19 each only!! Super worth it. 

What he really splurged on was dessert at 38, Grand Hyatt. 38 is wonderful for photos in the day time but not so much at night. The last time I was there with Dee we took really nice photos as the windows are literally full length floor-to-ceiling panelled glass. At night however it's very dim, romantic and sexy and they had a live band playing. Not so great for photos. The view at night is WAY better than in the daytime though, the whole of KL was lit up in all its electrical splendour for us to enjoy! Had the 38 signature cake and some ice cream for dessert. Sadly the 38 cake wasn't as good as the first time I tried it but Tim and I still had a great time enjoying each other's company. I honestly could not ask for anyone better to call mine and go through every single day with so if you're reading this Tim, I love you to the moon and back. :)

Some other random photos that I felt like posting just because!


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