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New Insta-shop (Instagram shop) on the block guys, or shall I say, the instasphere? Instashops have been on the rise lately and they've been sprouting up like mushrooms.

I personally am very very picky when it comes to buying from Instagram shops. Firstly I have to look at the type of clothes they're selling. If they don't suit my style I won't follow or even buy from them. Secondly this is the most important to me: I have to look and consider the price. Since I'm familiar with Taobao I roughly know the cost prices of items and if the seller marks the items up too much, it's a turn off and I wouldn't buy from them either.

Lacey Daisy however, offers really affordable yet fashionable and trendy clothing! Lacey Daisy is founded and managed carefully by my friend Jeslyn and she was kind enough to sponsor me two items of clothing! Thanks, Jeslyn, if you're reading this.

What I love about Lacey Daisy?

1) This is so stupid but I love their name! Super adorable. If you know me, I'm OBSESSED with daisies. And I really like lace too! For me a shop name is really important and vital if you want to be remembered by your customers.

2) The price range is reasonable! Items range from RM20-RM70. The more expensive items are items that you can't find in JUST ANY shop. The rompers from here are really hard to find in other online shops or even physical shops.

3) They suit my style! Plus points for all the floral printed & chiffon items. I'm obsessed with floral prints and chiffon as I think floral prints are timeless & can never go out of style, and chiffon is just such a nice, comfortable lightweight material to wear! They also have items that suit the current trend such as Brandy Melville inspired bralettes!

4) Customer service. Really have to emphasize on this!! Jeslyn is a really really nice girl and her customer service and even the way she replies to customers' comments on the profile can even brighten your day if you've had a crappy one. I've had so many encounters with irresponsible and rude shop owners and it's such a turn off if the shop owner replies you rudely or with one word answers. If you're not nice to me what makes you think I wanna buy from you?

I think it's safe to say that I'm pretty sure all of you would like the variety of items Jeslyn offers in her shop! Here are a few of my favorites.

Sunflower/Swallow/Daisy/Floral Printed Rompers 
Take a look into my Taobao shopping cart and you'll know that I'm obsessed with rompers. I was never really a fan of them cause I thought they looked weird but when I started seeing these kinds of pretty rompers in Singaporean blogshops, my mindset totally changed cause they're just so beautiful! I'm glad Lacey Daisy brought in rompers cause you know, Singaporean blogshops are based in Singapore and it's expensive to get it from them. 

Rachel Floral Off-Shoulder Top 
Been really into off the shoulder tops lately although I have yet to own any! 
I think that these kinds of tops exude classiness and sexiness at the same time. You can look decent but at the same time show off your shoulders which I find really sexy in a subtle way!

 Bella Floral Daisy Top 
Chiffon Cross Back Floral Tops 
Need I say more? These tops just scream "Cam!!!" all over. Love how cute the floral prints are and how easy it is to pair. The Bella top comes in black and white, pair it with a black skirt or black high waisted jeans, throw on some nice earrings and shoes and you're good to go! 

Black Cross Back Bralette 
Brandy Melville is all the rave in the US of A right now and almost every Youtube fashion/beauty guru owns something from Brandy. Their bralettes are especially popular. Unfortunately it would cost a bomb to buy from the website what with all the conversion rates, shipping fees and what not. Fret not because Lacey Daisy offers this inspired bralette for a much cheaper price at RM28 only!

 Belinda Bird Print Kimono 
Kimonos have been really popular lately. I love kimonos because you can wear something really plain underneath and just throw on a kimono and boom, you automatically look like you actually tried really hard for your outfit when in reality you just put on a kimono on top of your hobo clothes. I also love how Japanese-y they look!

Check out these two babies Jeslyn sponsored to me! 
TOTALLY IN LOVE with the one on the left, I really adore the floral prints and the color combination. It just looks like a piece of art you can wear! And there are cut outs at the back of the top too. Loving the mint chiffon top on the right too, I find mint such an adorable girly color and I can really wear it with anything and everything I want! Not only that, the quality is extremely good and durable as well!

Camillia's Lookbook hahahahaha
If you're curious to know how I would style the pieces that I like, here's an idea of what I would wear and match them with!

White converse shoes literally go with anything. Pair these Chuck Taylors together with the Emily sunflower romper and a backpack filled with your essentials and you're good to go out for a road trip with your friends!

Rachel Floral Off Shoulder top paired with white skorts, Zara inspired minimalistic heels and a nice black bag. This look is really classy and abit more dressy/formal. Perfect for more formal events like a nice dinner with your friends/boyfriend! 

The Alice Floral Romper is really gorgeous and girly, and what better way to enhance the girliness than with a pair of heels? I paired some white cork wedges together with the romper and if you wanna cover up a little more you can always wear a black blazer on top to look more put together!

 You definitely wanna show off this cute bralette so I paired it with a low back dress. Number one you don't look so obscene and number two you get to show the world that you have such a cool looking bralette! And for this look I'd personally wear it with sandals or slippers just cause I like the way it looks hahaha!

 Here's something really formal and classy. I don't think I can pull this look off but I like the overall way I styled it. Wear a black (or whatever solid plain color) jumpsuit together with the Belinda Bird Kimono, add a pair of heels and a statement necklace and you're on your way to being the style talk of the town! 

Head on over to Lacey Daisy on Instagram now! 

Or for more enquiries you could contact Jeslyn at:
Whatsapp : 017-663-5556
Line/WeChat: laceydaisy
Email: laceydaisyyy@gmail.com

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