What are you grateful for? (Part 1)

3:04 AM

I'm grateful because you spoil me with little things I don't need but you still choose to give.
I'm grateful for the long, sincere essays you write me each morning without fail.
I'm grateful because you came all the way through the LDP rush hour jam (God knows how horrendous they are) just to hand me some tools for me to change a tyre.
I'm grateful because you pick me up from wherever without a single sigh.
I'm grateful for all the times you brought me food when I'm home alone, or 'just because'.
I'm grateful when I see the kindness you extend to people who serve you.
I'm grateful for the nights you stayed up because I'm an insomniac once in a blue moon.
I'm grateful because you've revealed your most vulnerable side to me and I still think you're God's best creation.
I'm grateful for all the times you pulled me back when I lost myself in my anger.
I'm grateful when I listen to you talk about your deepest thoughts.
I'm grateful when you cup my face in your hands, look at me and tell me I'm stunning.
I'm grateful for the makeshift slow dance we had together to Number One Party Anthem.
I'm grateful for the way you signal the waiter for the bill and menu (which I find super sexy).
I'm grateful because you stayed up late at night once to make Econs graph notes for me.
I'm grateful for all the little notes you leave me around to discover.
I'm grateful when I see you laugh along with my parents.
I'm grateful that you help me see the best parts of life.
I'm grateful when I hear you go on and on about something you love.
I'm grateful for the amount of patience you have while dealing with me.
I'm grateful because we can fight like animals but make up mere minutes later.
I'm grateful because you climbed over the walls I built up from a previous heartbreak.
I'm grateful for having someone so golden in my life, even though I'm extremely undeserving.
I'm grateful for the way you love me -- selfless, raw, intense.

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