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I've been shopping a lot recently over the past few weeks. I blame a lot of this on Taobao and all the Instagram shops that keep following me on Instagram. I mean come on guys you need to help me stop my online shopping addiction not fuel it. Guess what... I even have an album in my phone called "Buy" and it's filled with pictures of clothes I've found online... Wtf right?

But then again, an online shopping addiction means....... haul blogposts! I've been getting a few requests to blog about my Taobao haul but then I kinda bought other things also so why not! Without further ado let's get right into it! All these items were purchased over the past few weeks because my cash flow has been slightly better and also because my Taobao items arrived 2 weeks ago! (Nothing beats the feeling of coming back to a parcel)

I bought 3 of these tops from Taobao, in maroon, black and navy blue.
Yes, they are the SAME top but in different colors. Because I liked all of them okay dont judge
The navy blue one is slightly different as the straps are much thinner AND they have buttons on the back! So adorable! These tops are super easy to match with anything and also looks really classy when paired with the right accessories.
(Btw guys ignore that little string thingy in the photos, my iPhone's camera has that thing in it and I can't seem to remove it)

 I also received these two iPhone covers in the Taobao parcel and it's safe to say that I'm super super satisfied with the quality of them! First off, JUST LOOK AT THEM. I had such a hard time deciding which one to get but in the end I was like fuck it just get both. They come slightly above my phone screen so that means they'll be able to protect my phone if it were to fall face down, and also the material of these covers are super smooth and of really high quality. Definitely buying more next time!

 Daisy printed dress from Taobao too, this dress has a ruched elastic back so it's stretchable but it's too damn short for me. I ordered M but turns out that they sent me an XS instead, how to wear la. I'm not the world's thinnest person! Hahaha probably just going to alter this and make this into a skirt & a seperate top instead! Nevertheless very satisfied with the quality as it's not too thin and not too thick. Perfect for if you want to look simple but put together!

Have been wanting a shirt like this for a very very long time ever since I saw some of my favorite fashion Youtubers making lookbooks based on this sort of flannel! I'm very very picky with my checkered prints (it has to be the right color combination, the boxes have to be of a perfect size etc etc) so I was really happy when I found this on Taobao especially since it fits all my criteria perfectly! One thing I'm not so satisfied about is the sizing: I ordered an XL so I could wear it oversized over my clothes but the XL for this shirt is freaking small! Either I'm fat or China girls are really damn skinny. Hmm. Btw the filter of this photo doesn't do it justice the checkered print is really damn nice!

White swallow cross-back chiffon top! What a mouthful. I actually have this EXACT SAME top in black which I bought in Singapore so when I saw the white I caved and HAD to get it. Hahaha I'm forever getting the same shit in different colors. Again, the filter doesn't do this top justice as the colors are really really beautiful. Like remarkably extraordinarily beautiful.

 Daisy printed top in baby blue. LOVE this top as the color is just so pastel-y! I just really cannot get over how cute the color and print is, basically this whole top just screams "adorable!" Perfect for me as I kind of want to branch into color abit more (I usually wear alot of monochrome colors)

Chiffon spaghetti strap top in cream, Forever 21 on clearance. I paid RM30 for this and honestly this wasn't worth my RM30 at all. The boyfriend said I just got this because I was greedy and I hate to admit it but it's true. The color is a really nice shade of cream though and it looks really good if you pair it with anything black. 

Daisy printed spaghetti strap top from Cotton On, RM15 on clearance. WHAT A STEAL RIGHT WTF. Super super happy with this buy! If you know me personally you'll know that 90% of my closet consists of daisies. Daisy printed tops, dresses, sweaters and whatnot. So obviously I just HAD to buy this as well! 

Daisy printed spaghetti strap racerback top, preloved from Topshop Petite. Bought this from my bestfriend as a preloved item and yes, it's daisies so I just had to get it also!! Such a sucker for anything daisy printed! I think this top would go with anything really but I would wear it with jeans or a black skirt!

Mesh top, preloved from New Look. Got this secondhand from my best friend as well and what I love about this top is the mesh! Yes I know mesh was so last season but I don't really care as long as I still love it! This top is sexy enough without showing too much of skin as it has long sleeves and it's perfect for clubbing and parties!

That's all for my collective haul post! Whoa, it seemed like a lot of items at first but now that I've blogged about it it's actually not that many after all! I'm super free and on my semester break right now so I'll be blogging more frequently these two weeks! Up next I'll probably be blogging about my trip to Aquaria with my boyfriend and also just random photos of what I've been up to!

Let me know what other posts you guys want to read about in the comment section or my! :)

P.S I bought some accessories and probably ordering from Taobao soon again so yes that means another haul post! Hahahaha shit someone send me to a shopping rehabilitation center please..

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