Style Inspirations & Pieces I've Been Loving.

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Where do I get most of my style inspiration? Well, I'm no fashion guru. I'm no Karl Lagerfield, I'm just a regular student. Most of my style inspiration would come from definitely Tumblr (if you haven't followed me, my link is, shameless self promotion here!) , fashion bloggers & Singaporean blogshops (because I'm not really satisfied with the items in Malaysian blogshops). I don't really have a favorite shop because I buy my clothes from everywhere, malls, instashops, blogshops, little stalls etc. I don't really care about brands either; as long as the clothes are nice then I'll get them. I think we all shouldn't be brand whores, fashion can be bought but style can't. ;)

Without further ado, here are a few pictures that describe my style inspiration & the pieces of clothing items I've been digging a lot lately!

There are definitely times when I wish I could pull off clothes like bodycon/bandage dresses & short shorts without feeling insecure but I'm working on that, hopefully one day I'll get the confidence!

You can easily wear the first ensemble out on a night out for drinks with your girlfriends or even a date!
As for the second one it's very versatile, I would wear it out to a more formal function
as it's both formal & casual at the same time.

Really digging that pair of shorts. Unfortunately I don't know where to get them, sigh.
Really like this set, would definitely wear this for a music festival like Coachella/Urbanscapes. 

I personally would wear this out shopping as it's easy to take off, you definitely don't wanna wear something 
too complicated if you want to try on clothes. Best part of this set? The daisy printed shorts!

I would wear the first ensemble out on a trip downtown with my boyfriend/to the beach 
because the crotchet top & the sandals makes the whole look very chill and relaxed. 
I really love the second look because it's so simple yet it looks so put together at the same time :)

 Definitely a great outfit to wear to a rave like Thirst/FMFA. 
Hopefully Malaysia doesn't ban any more raves :(

 Picture credits: Style Selection & ThePolyvoreCollection on Tumblr!

If you know me, I don't wear a lot of color and my wardrobe basically consists of a whole lot of black, white, grey, denim & maroon, but I'm recently beginning to branch out and experiment with a little bit of color at a time!

My favorite clothing items of the moment would be: printed shorts, mini dresses/rompers with cute prints on them, floral printed chiffon tops and most definitely DAISY items! So many of my friends have said that my obsession with daisies has got to stop! Daisy pencilcase, daisy phone wallpapers, daisy clothes... even most of the clothes that I ordered from Taobao & Instashops recently have been mostly daisy printed!


Picture credits: 

Okay I just realized everything here is floral printed.
This obsession has really really got to stop before it gets out of hand.
 Till next time!

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