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Love to shop? Can't get enough of cute trinkets & chic clothing? Well, Markets was held on the 12th of April! Markets (or, as it used to be called, Chic Pop) is basically a clothing/accessory/food bazaar where various vendors (usually blogshop owners) come together to sell their things at a cheaper price!

Markets is a kind of 'tradition' between me and my friends. We've been going to almost every installment of Markets together and this time was no exception! Had such a great time there with Caridee, Lee-Anne, Rebecca and Martin and also bumped into many peeps there!

Markets is held every few months at Jaya One. Recently Jaya One has expanded so they have a bigger area to hold Markets in!

I went to the old Markets area (aka the area around Starbucks & Duck King) and I was literally like "Wtf, Markets is so dead this year... I really wasted my time coming..." as the whole area there was practically empty save for a few random stalls here and there. I thought Markets was dying off already but once I joined my friends and went to walk around, I found out about the new Jaya One building where there were countless stalls so I was relieved after that!

I got myself a daisy headband for RM10 and a gold chain necklace + earring set for RM14 only! What a steal! Wanted to look for chiffon tops but they were either overpriced or didn't suit my liking. My friends and I almost got this really pretty lavender flower crown until we found out that it was RM30. High prices = low demand. Economics at its best ;)

Without further ado, here are the photos!

 Really, really love this photo!

 Myself, Caridee, Lee-Anne, Rebecca
Love these girls :)

Monash University had some kind of "rave" called Monash Revolution on the 17th! I immediately grabbed the chance to go for a few reasons, being that 1) Monash is my boyfriend's university, 2) Really wanted to party after suffering the cancellation of FMFA AND LIC and 3) Why not?

The "rave" was done up somewhat like a real rave, except that there was an absence of alcohol and ID-checking. (Of course there can't be alcohol, it was held at a UNIVERSITY hahaha) 

BATE, Goldfish & Blink and Eva. T were performing and they're kinda like the top DJ's in the Malaysian EDM scene. Was really impressed that Monash managed to get them to perform! 

Went with my boyfriend Tim, had dinner at Tryst (best pancakes ever!) and met up with his friends, and also coincidentally happened to be raving next to my friends so all of us just combined together and became one big group! It was super fun finally being able to rave again. We were up front and the music was so good! Can't compare to FMFA and the other raves but this was one of my best experiences anyway!

Also included some photos from their official Facebook page just because they looked nice! :)

 Crappy phone quality photos

 Daniel Siang and his friend... I don't know his name hahaha

 #thegentingteam/ #themelakateam 
Boyfriend's friends, fun bunch to hang with!
Tim, Kenneth, James, Joshua, Adrian, Justin, Bryan, Liselle, Crystal & myself!

 With them + Jesper taking the photo!



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  1. Hey! May I know what camera you used to photograph the 'Fitting Room' and other food pictures? :)


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