Pics Art Overlay Tutorial

9:22 PM

Finally doing a post on one of my most highly requested items! Received all the requests in my inbox and am finally getting around to doing it. Mind you this is a pretty tedious process but it's worth it for the photo effect you're getting! I actually learnt this from a Singaporean blogger, Mong Chin, so visit her blog and look for the post if you wanna see how she did it. :)

First you're gonna need to download Pics Art, free on the App Store. I'm not sure if it's available on the Play Store though!

This overlay effect works best on photos with a light/ white background, so make sure your background is a light color for best results!

Step 1) Upload a photo of your choice. Remember to use a photo with a light background! At the column at the bottom of the screen scroll until you see "Add a photo"

Step 2) Add another photo of your choice, it should look like this.

Step 3) Drag the corners of the photo until it's approximately the same size as your original photo! You definitely don't want your overlay photo to be smaller than your original photo or it might look funny. Unless you're artistic and you know what you have in mind then by all means, go ahead.

Step 4) Select "Overlay" from the thingy which says "Normal". This will make your photo turn into an overlay like this!

Step 5) Now, you're gonna want to darken your overlay picture to make it more visible, so select the "Darken" thingy on the "Normal tab" to darken your photo!

Step 6) Now you're going to have to crop the photo so it's easier to work with as you'll have a smaller area to edit. Select the "crop" logo at the top of the screen and crop the photo as tightly as you can!

Step 7) Once your overlay photo is cropped, select the "scissors" logo at the top of the screen. Here comes the tricky part. After that you're gonna have to select the pencil logo at the top of the screen and select "draw" (not in picture). Then you're gonna have to "draw" the areas which you want to keep. This is a major tricky part and I usually just simply do it and it turns out fine.

Step 8) Ta-daaaa! Your completed photo should look somewhat like this or a variation of it. Remember that you can choose and toggle with the opacity of the overlay photo. Now you look like you have a "ghost friend"

Here are a few other pictures I've edited by using overlays. :) I don't have the patience to "draw" all of them properly so here's the best I could come up with. Tell me what you guys think!

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up using the widget at the sidebar of my blog! Hope this post was able to help you edit your photos nicely! :) Have fun overlaying!

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