Malacca for a day.

9:06 PM

Qing Ming is an occasion where we Chinese people would go back to wherever our ancestors were buried to pay respects to them/ clear up the graveyard area. My grandmother is buried in Nilai and my grandfather's ashes are in Malacca.

Went to pay respects to them and also stopped by Jonker Street to become "tourists for a day". We didn't stay long as you could literally fry an egg in that kind of weather (and still burn the egg). Here are some photos taken by my iPhone 5. :)

 Had Nyonya food at this restaurant called Nancy's Kitchen.
It's located off Jalan Hang Lekir, do give it a try if you're in the area!

 Extremely sweet cendol at this little restaurant in Jonker Street. They serve curry mee & laksa, too!

 I love the essence an old Chinese town carries.

 What a beauty.

Only people who understand Mandarin would get the pun!

 Love the architecture

Trishaws which were used to transport people back in the day.

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