Failed FMFA + How I Spent My Birthday

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Failed FMFA

Waited for months and months for the 15th of March. Then started counting down the days. Got all hyped up when I saw my friends posting about ASOT, and before I knew it the big day was here. Got all dolled up for FMFA, packed my ticket and my ID's into my 'rave bag'.

And then it was cancelled.

Such a bummer, words couldn't express how disappointed I was at the cancellation of FMFA. It was due to a few people dying because they overdosed on drugs. 12 people died at last year's ASOT but they still went on with it. Literally everyone on my Twitter timeline was bummed out. I had SPECIALLY bought the 3rd day passes because I wanted to catch Porter Robinson, Martin Garrix, Bassjackers, Knife Party, Macklemore and the rest live. The 3rd day had the best lineup out of all 3 days of FMFA.

But then it got cancelled.

A few of my friends actually went to the concert grounds only to find pieces of paper saying that FMFA was cancelled, just a mere half an hour before it was due to start. Lots of people went on to "riot" and I even saw a video on Vine where the crowd was chanting "Fuck you" to the police. But the show wouldn't go on anyway.

Pure disappointment.

The boyfriend and I still headed out anyway and hey, I might not be able to hear my favorite DJ's spin but I had the company of my favorite boy in this whole world and I think that's pretty good, too. :)

My 18th

My 18th birthday wasn't a very wild & happening one but it was most certainly one to remember. I remember considering going clubbing for my 18th but it would have been too troublesome for me, I would have to lie to my parents to get out of the house late -- and I hate lying. And then I realized as fun as clubbing might be, spending time with your friends and loved ones is more important.

I had 4 birthday celebrations. Yes, I know you guys are gonna go like Wth?? 4??! But yeah, 4 different celebrations for the different groups of friends I hang out with and my family! I might have another birthday celebration for my other friends this coming month, too.

The day before my birthday, the 20th of March, was coincidentally the same day that our SPM results were released. I got 6A's and 4B's, if you guys were wondering. Not very good but not extremely bad either. After collecting our results, my school friends and I headed to One Utama to have an early birthday lunch! We were looking forward to dine at Miam Miam, a new restaurant that just opened in OU but it was too packed so we went for Korean food at Dubu-Dubu instead. Went to KL to shop with my best friend too although there aren't any pictures!

 Wouldn't have survived high school without this bunch. :)

On the 20th at midnight, my boyfriend Tim called. "Happy birthday baby, sorry I couldn't be there. Bye." Weird phone call which left me going all ????? And then I got ANOTHER phone call asking me to come outside, and all of my closest primary school/childhood friends were there and they surprised me for my birthday! Too damn happy. :D

I was so excited to open the present my boyfriend got me and when I finally did I was more than happy with my presents. I don't usually receive gifts on my birthday so this was certainly a treat! Best boyfriend in the world got me a Victoria's Secret Night body mist + body wash + body lotion set and a daisy dress from Forever 21! His mum even got me a lavender body wash and lotion from Crabtree & Evelyn!

Bf, Alex, Kevin, Maxine, Kenji, Dom and ugly glasses me


My birthday was the next day, the 21st of March, and I got all dolled up to head to Acme Bar & Coffee located at The Troika for my birthday dinner with Tim! The Troika is located fairly near KLCC. We didn't have a reservation so we had to wait around half an hour but it was totally worth the wait. 

Fell in love with Acme's food at first taste. Boyfriend ordered the lamb shoulder. Don't be fooled by its appearance in photos, photos don't do it justice, it's HUGE. I had the macaroni & cheese followed by the sizzling pan brownie topped with Oreo ice cream. Slightly expensive but totally worth it! Will only be doing a review next time as I plan to go there in the afternoon when there's better lighting :)

Here comes the funny part -- Tim and I LOVE horror movies and we're always up for a horror movie. So he surprised me with tickets for a movie called Possessed. We were super excited to watch it and when we sat down in the cinema hall, the actors started speaking in Thai! We both looked at each other like "Shit, it's a Thai horror movie, you know what that means"...........

Turns out it was a COMEDY. It was a parody of a horror movie. Somewhat like Thailand's version of Scary Movie.

Damn it.

Headed to Wong Kok at OU for another birthday lunch. We planned to go to Paradox Art Cafe at Oasis BU4 but I found out at the last minute that it only opens at 4pm. So we had to make a quick change of plans and I was craving cheese baked rice anyway. Such a bummer that some of my friends couldn't make it but I was still grateful that Alex and Maxine could come! 

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