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Ever saw something that you really liked in a shopping mall but the price was too damn expensive & you had no choice but to pull a Miley Cyrus? "Don't you ever say I just walked away I will always want you"?

As you all obviously know, most of the things on Earth are actually Made In China. There's this joke which goes, "God made the heavens and the earth and the rest was made in China." Well that's actually very true. Recently this website has gained popularity, as they offer super cheap and good quality clothing. It's like a Chinese version of Ebay and there are millions and millions of clothes, bags, shoes, phone accessories and even toys to choose from. I recently bought my Chinese New Year clothes from Taobao too! Since a few of my friends have been asking me how I bought those items from Taobao cause everything is in Mandarin and Taobao doesn't ship to Malaysia directly, I thought I'd do a blog post on it! So let's get started.

Disclaimer, literally everything on is in Mandarin so if you don't understand or can't read Mandarin you're basically screwed. I suggest you get a Mandarin speaking friend to help you out in that case! 

I already drew arrows and circles with Paint onto the screenshots to make it easier for you guys

My Taobao haul, all of these plus one more dress which isn't in the picture for about RM250 (excluding shipping)
Pretty affordable if I do say so myself!

What I got?
Prada inspired bag
Daisy sweater
Plain grey sweater
Printed grey sweater
American Apparel inspired denim circle skirt
Zara inspired chiffon button up shirt
American Apparel inspired sunflower crop top
Yellow daisy dress (not in picture)
Mint green feather earrings
Spiked necklace

1) You're going to need to make an account and sign into your account! The login link is on the top left corner of the page.

 Taobao requires you to make an account which has a number, an uppercase letter, the blood of a virgin, a dog's tooth etc etc  

2) You're gonna need to open two extra tabs, one Google translate tab and one currency converter tab. Even though I was from a Chinese school and I'm fluent in Mandarin but the main language I use nowadays is English and sometimes you're gonna need some help to translate the words for different styles, materials and designs. The currency converter tab is pretty self explanatory!

 Let's say I want to search for something floral printed
I'm going to need to translate "floral print" into Mandarin first.

Screw Malaysia's super low currency exchange rate lol.

3) So I typed "Floral printed minidress" in Mandarin into the search bar and there are millions and millions of search results you can choose from. I also searched "AA" meaning, American Apparel. You can search terms like "HM", "Topshop", "Style Nanda" and "Brandy Melville" if you want inspired items! The translate tab is going to be your best friend as long as you're on the Taobao website.

4) When you've found something you like, just click on it and it will bring you to the information page. The information page usually has every kind of info in there like the sizing, available colors, pictures etc etc.

*Note* See the thing I've circled there? It means that they've sold off ___ pieces of that particular item. The more they've sold off, the more reliable the shop is!

Another thing which you guys have to take note of is the comments section! I've also circled it there already and even added arrows. This is a very important section cos you can actually read the comments and feedback the other customers have left, so you basically can get an idea of how good/bad the product is.

If you ever come across an item which has "0" in the number of pieces sold section, don't buy it or add it to your shopping cart. Why? It probably means that the shop owner might be a fake or a conman. So to be safe, just don't add it to your shopping cart.

5) Once you've selected your pieces, it's time to total everything up in your shopping cart! In the shopping cart page there will be details of all the pieces you've selected & the price. The total amount for the pieces ONLY will be at the bottom of the page. Note, this amount is only for the pieces you've selected and excluding the shipping fee etc etc.

Press the orange box next to the number and it will bring you to this page, the number at the bottom is the total amount for everything including shipping!

Other things to take note of:
You're going to need a Taobao agent as Taobao doesn't ship directly to Malaysia. My Taobao agent is my cousin, and it's relatively easy to order the items from her. All I had to do was send her the link to each item, the color and the size. My cousin did everything for me and normally Taobao agents would charge you a fee for their services.

If any of you are interested in using my cousin as your Taobao agent, you can drop me a question in my and I'll send you her Facebook contact!

Hope this helped you guys! For any enquiries just drop me something in my! The widget is located on my sidebar. :)

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  1. hi how long did it took for you to receive your parcel? and how much did you pay for your shipping fee in total? :)

    1. Sorry for the extremely late reply, anon! My items arrived in 11 days. I paid RM80 because I wasn't familiar with how they charge but I've done another post on how the shipping charges work!

  2. can i get ur cousin fb acc? im a bit lost in taobao that i felt like killing myself. tsk tsk

    1. Sorry for the late reply, do contact her on FB,just search Mango Kally :)

  3. hello..can u give u'r cousin contact? i want ask her about agent taobao..tq :)

    1. Sorry for the late reply, do contact her on FB,just search Mango Kally :)

  4. Hello, I guess I already found your cousin's FB. Is she always takes order? I'm scared if she is busy and I'm interrupting her and her studies.

  5. Hello, i would love to ask you a few further questions about how to get a taobao agent. Can you please provide some more info?

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