How To Shop Online via Taobao (Part 2)

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Hi guys! I'm back with another blog post and this time, I'll be doing a Part Two on How To Shop via Taobao! Seems like a few of you have requested for me to do a Part Two! I got a few requests on and some from Whatsapp as well and I'm glad you guys enjoyed the first part! I myself have been browsing Taobao lately and as a girl I couldn't help but to add more things to my shopping cart too. I'll be answering some of your questions here. So without further ado, let's get started!

"What do I type into the search bar?"

"Ladylike" as in what you'd see the rich girls in K-dramas wearing, something more sophisticated & more mature: 淑女
"Princess" as in pastel colors, ruffles, chiffon, crotchet and lace: 公主
"Korean style": 韩版
"European style" 欧美
"Trendy"  时尚/潮流/流行

Coats 外套
Jackets 夹克
T-shirt T恤
Shirts 衬衣/上衣
Bustier/Corset 束腹
Spaghetti Strap/ Strappy
Belts 腰带
Pants 裤子
Shorts 短裤
Skirts 裙/裙子
Rompers 连衣
Dresses 连衣裙
Boots 靴子
Ankle boots  短靴
Tall boots 长靴
Wedges 松糕鞋/坡跟
Heels 高跟鞋
Flats 平底鞋
Sandals 凉鞋
Creepers 休闲鞋
Rings 戒指 
Earrings  耳环
Bracelets 手环
Necklaces 项链
Striped 条纹
Tartan/Plaid 格子
Cotton 棉布
Chiffon  玻璃紗
Silk 丝绸
Velvet 平绒
Ombre 变色
Denim 牛仔
Phone covers 电话壳 

"How do I browse via shops?"
Taobao is just like Ebay or Etsy, and there are lots and lots of shops with millions of clothes. Just imagine Taobao as a shopping centre like One Utama or Sunway Pyramid and obviously they will have lots of shops. You can also browse Taobao via the shops! Just key in your search term, and then click on this! 

"How much did you pay for shipping?"
This is the part which is slightly complicated. I made the mistake of not checking the shipping rates with my cousin who also happens to be my Taobao agent. She did however, send me a screenshot with the shipping rates and I'll try to explain it to you as well as I can! I also did some research in forums like Lowyat and all so... Bear with me! 

The delivery through sea is charged based on the items weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. This means that they will charge the higher form of weight.

1. Rounding charges
Round to 0.5 kg: Weight below 0.5 kg would be rounded to 0.5 kg
Example: Actual weight of 3.25 kg would be rounded to 3.5 kg
Actual weight of 3.6 kg would be rounded to 4.0 kg

2. Volumetric weight
[Length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)] / 6000 = Weight (kg)

Example 1:

Actual weight = 2 kg
Volume = 40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm
Volumetric weight = (40 x 40 x 40)/6000 = 10.6 kg

Volumetric weight is higher than actual weight, thus charges would be based on volumetric weight.

Example 2:

Actual weight = 12 kg
Volume = 40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm
Volumetric weight = (40 x 40 x 40) / 6000 = 10.6 kg

Actual weight is higher than volumetric weight, thus charges would be based on actual weight.

It's a bit complicated and hard to understand but my point is, they'll charge you whichever weight is higher! 

****Typically, most agents would charge you RM10 per kg, but I doubt clothes can take up 10kg of weight unless you're buying really a lot of items. 

 "Can you please post the links and price for the items that you've bought?"
I don't normally like doing this cause I'm selfish like that and I'll be like mehhh after seeing someone wearing the same things as me lol but since I'm a nice person I'll do so ^^ Hahaha

 American Apparel inspired sunflower crop top
49 yuan// RM26.84

Grey New York City sweater
49.90yuan// RM27.33 

Daisy sweater
29yuan// RM15.88
(RM15 for a freaking sweater can you believe it? Damn cheap can?)

Zara inspired chiffon shirt
39yuan// RM21.36

 American Apparel inspired denim circle skirt
29yuan// RM15.88

Spiked necklace
4.50yuan// RM2.47
RM2.47 FOR A NECKLACE???!!!? Even I couldn't believe it. 
Now you know how much profit clothing & accessory shop owners get!!!

Plain grey sweater
42yuan// RM23.01

 H&M inspired mint green feather earrings
16yuan// RM8.76

 Pastel yellow daisy babydoll dress
108yuan// RM59.17
This one was abit expensive cos I didn't check the price properly beforehand, dammit!! Stupid me.
But the quality of it is super super good, the material is thick and there's even an inner lining for the skirt. The zip is like those super high quality kind of zip too. So it's pretty worth it I guess

 "How long do the items take to arrive?"
The items that you've ordered will take a maximum of 2 weeks/14 days to arrive! It also depends on the efficiency of your agent & courier service! Mine came in about 10 or 11 days, right before my Singapore trip so I was able to wear my new clothes there.

I guess that's about it, I've answered most of the questions already! I really recommend Taobao for people who are like me (E.g people who wouldn't mind waiting a few weeks just to get clothes that are cheap cos heck, you can even get RM10 or RM15 clothes on this site!) or people looking to set up blogshops! I'm pretty sure most of the blogshop owners get their suppliers from Taobao. 

Pros and Cons about Taobao? Pros: There are really lots and lots of cheap clothes here, and you have to keep scrolling & searching until you find something with a very reasonable price. Some of the shops were  selling the American Apparel skirt for RM30 which is still kinda expensive for me so I searched until I found one which costs about RM15+ (cos I'm a clothing cheapskate haha) Cons: Everything is in Mandarin and it's pretty confusing to navigate around, and you'll spend hours and hours on Taobao so yeah it kinda causes addiction! 

Hope this post was useful to you guys as well and share this around with your friends too and again, if there are any enquiries or requests for blogposts, please leave me a question in my and the widget is on my sidebar! :)

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  1. Hi I was wondering since taobao has so many shops, will they ship it all together if u order from different shops?

    1. Hi EJ! Sorry for the late reply. Yes all the items will arrive together in one big box. Good luck shopping!

  2. hey if you're buying from different shops does it charge you multiple for shipping fees since they're from different places?
    and do you recommend your cousin for a taobao agent? haha

    1. also i realised that you didn't buy any shorts/pants. Is it because they fit a bit wonky? thanks!

    2. Hi anon! Sorry for the late reply! Yes it's called parcel fees (to courier the items from the respective sellers to the place where it'll be packed together and sent out in one big box) which would be around RM5 per shop. If you buy, say, 3 items from the same shop which charges a parcel fee of about RM5 then you'll only need to pay RM5 cause it goes by shop. Some shops offer free parcel courier.

      And to answer your other question, no I don't buy shorts and pants from online websites as I have quite big thighs so I rather try them on in physical shops instead.

      Hope this helped! :)

  3. Hi! May i know the link to where you got the prada inspired bag? I love your fashion taste :)

  4. Hey babe :) can i have the contact for you taobao agent?

  5. hey! is it possible to buy stuff through you from taobao?

    1. Hey! Too lazy to log into Google haha. I think it's better if you order from an agent instead! I'm not good at this sort of thing. :( You can try looking for 65daigou, Style Story or my cousin Mango Kally! On Facebook. :) x


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