Super Kitchen + Flat White

8:27 PM

Another episode to add to the Adventures of Bananas in Pajamas!

Tim and I went to Subang as we wanted to check out the price & courses for colleges & universities, and we also visited my best friend for lunch during her college lunch break & we had really good Chilli Pan Mee at Super Kitchen! I never knew my favorite CPM shop also had another outlet in SS15. The one I usually go to is in SS2 on the same row as Kayu Nasi Kandar!

So I googled "Super Kitchen" and turns out they even have a website, lol never heard of Chinese restaurants having their own websites before!

*Disclaimer: The following images of the Chilli Pan Mee was taken from their website!

Favorite food after chicken rice!

Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee
(Yes, it's spelt as 'Chilly' on their signboard)

So Dee suggested we head to this cafe nearby her college, and it was called Flat White! I immediately liked the cafe the moment we stepped into it. Hipster looking cafes = good looking photos!

An interesting take on the Periodic Table of Elements!
Periodic Table of Coffee, maybe?

 We had the Nutella Capp! (RM13)
Definitely something new as I've never tried a Nutella drink before,
despite Nutella being one of my favorite spreads.

 I spy a little Bob Marley 

We went there at lunch time and the ambience was really good! I love the interior design and the overall decor of the whole place. I'm a sucker for black/charcoal gray walls and I like the fact that the cafe is kind'f dim! I did some research and they also serve light food but when we went the kitchen was closed. There's also an outdoor balcony section if you want to smoke or just take pictures in the natural daylight. Definitely going to go back and try the cakes there even though I don't have much of a sweet tooth! :)

Flat White Cafe
73-1, First Floor, SS15/8A, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor


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