Seventeen Makeover Party

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Last Saturday, Lu-Zhong, Win Shean and I went to help out at Seventeen's Makeover Party. Lu-Zhong's aunt owns Sze Accesories, which is an online accessory shop and they sponsored some items for the party. Our job was to teach the girls how to do some braided bracelet thingy.

The party was basically a workshop with booths from different companies. There was a tarot card reading booth from Soleil Trinity, a makeup booth from Kate makeup, a fashion booth from Sketchers and of course, our accessory booth from Sze Accessories!

The Seventeen Makeover Party was held at Full House restaurant, Sunway Pyramid. We reached Sunway at about 10.15am, and me, being the smart aleck, brought them to Gardens' Lifestyle Cafe. Only then when we reached Gardens' did we realize, oh this isn't Full House. Can't blame me alright, those two shops have the same color scheme & concept! We eventually found Full House and set up our booth. (Well it was actually tables but yeah you know what I'm saying)

Our booth!

Selfie before work starts!

The event started off with a speech and a lucky draw. The prizes for the lucky draw were sponsored by Sze Accessories as well! Win Shean and I just watched from the back. And took some random photos. Sad to say that the crowd was kinda dead at first, probably because the girls didn't know each other at first.

After that the workshops started! As I mentioned earlier, we had to teach the girls how to make a braided charm bracelet. It was fairly easy to make. Each of the girls were supplied with a cute little envelope containing a packet of ribbons and a packet of charms. Basically what they had to do was just braid the ribbons tightly and then attach the charms to the bracelets by poking the hooks through the little gaps of the braids. Just like that. :)

Hard at work

I like her cat bag lol, so cute!

 Posing with their bracelets

Loved her entire outfit. 

This girl here was very nice & easy to talk to! 
I struck up a conversation with her about her tattoos and 
turns out she used to work in a tattoo shop. Cool 

Kate was giving out free makeup brushes omg but very paiseh to take la hahaha

Win Shean's outfit of the day!
Look out for him you guys, he's gonna make it in the fashion design industry one day! 

Okay now let me show you a few of the necklaces, earrings etc that I absolutely love by Sze Accessories. The key items in their collections would definitely be their statement necklaces. *This is not an advertorial lol*

I think statement necklaces are a great way to make any boring outfit look interesting. For example you could be wearing a plain boring tank top, but when you put the statement necklace on, voila, it makes the outfit seem much more put together and like you spent a ton of time thinking about what to wear when in reality, you just popped on a necklace!

Most of the accessories I posted here are more my kind of style. If you guys don't know, I don't like wearing a lot of color, and most of the items here are gold which is my favorite trend right now. Gold accessories add a hint of class to any outfit. Pair it with black or white and you're good to go!

Damn classy can?

Words can't express the newfound love I have for gold hahaha

Can definitely see myself wearing these with a little black dress, a clutch and pumps!

Something with a little more color if you're a color fanatic (unlike me haha)
I find the color scheme of these two necklaces very nice & sweet, especially the first one!

Ultimate favorite
*inserts emoji with heart shaped eyes*

I was gifted this particular necklace by Sze Yoong herself (don't know whether to call her aunty or not since she's so young hahaha) I really like the pastel pink, mint green & gold scheme and I would definitely wear this with a little white dress for a wedding or party!

What Would Cam Wear? HAHA

 Created this look on Polyvore!
Something more sweet & feminine.

Something a little more edgy but casual maybe?
Really like this look, this is probably something you can wear on a daily basis.

If you readers are interested in Sze Accessories' products you can always hit them up on their Facebook page which is !

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