Red lipstick, Starbucks, Bananas, Strawberries & Ikea meatballs.

4:08 PM

Odd name for a title, but I couldn't think of anything else to put.
Just a random update about what I've been up to!

Some selfies, welcome to the life of a girl!

These are the more "Instagram worthy" shots.
Now, let me show you Instagram vs.... reality

Yup lol

Headed out to Ikea for lunch with the best friend. Ikea meatballs are to die for
We had Salmon lax & salmon sashimi, as well! The Salmon lox was damn good. The sashimi was really fresh as well. I'm sure most of you would have eaten the conventional Japanese salmon sashimi before. The Japanese sashimi is pretty thinly sliced. Well, the one sold in Ikea was thick and succulent. See those two blocks of sashimi there? That's exactly what the size of it was. It came with some shrimp salad at the side.

Ikea Meatballs, RM15 for 15 pieces
Salmon lox, I think it was RM13
Salmon sashimi, RM9.90

 Haha my bestfriend so cute ^^

More selfies in the car on the way back cause I liked how my hair looked. Hahaaha.

The boyfriend was feeling cranky so I drove over to surprise him with Starbucks hot chocolate, a Subway cookie and his favorite snack from when he was younger, Yupi gummy burgers hehe. So happy I got to see my favorite boy even if it was just for 5 minutes!

Hehe he's so cute

Boyfriend's place again, lazy day in. Spent the whole day playing with his pug Sophie, talking to his mum and lazing around on the bed. Decided to make banana&strawberry peanut butter toast as well just cause I saw some photos on Tumblr and they looked super cute and easy to make!

Not sure which day this photo was from but upload only la

So damn adorable omgomgomg can I die now


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