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After many efforts to persuade my parents, they finally allowed me to go on a 4 day, 3 night trip with my friends Alex, his brother Kenji, Ze Xian and Aaron to Singapore. Yep, I was the only girl, but hey, the guys treat me like one of the guys anyway! Had a blast with them, and also... got to meet up with Tim too for one whole day and night! The last time I was at Singapore, I was I think, 10 years old. So I barely remembered anything. Maybe that's part of the reason why I was pretty stoked to go!

Day 1
Alex & Kenji's dad drove us down to Singapore. What was supposed to be a 6 hour long drive felt like only 2 hours. None of us were using our phones or anything, the whole drive down we were just talking about the most random topics ever. From Geylang, to triads, to trannies in Changkat... The list goes on.

Was pretty stoked to see this, I've always wanted to study/live in Singapore and this trip just boosted up that 'semangat' even more. Lol.

Arrived at Alex's aunt's place, The Bayshore condominium in East Bedok. It was a really nice place to stay, and it was super windy and cooling as well being that The Bayshore is pretty close to East Coast Park where the ocean is at. Chilled for a bit and then headed to Marina Bay Sands!

Managed to meet up with my best friend Caridee and a Singaporean friend Rifat whom I met in Avicii! Hanged around MBS with them as well. Rifat was kinda like our tour guide since Singapore is "his turf", after all.

Singapore looks so much like Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong now!

Day 2
Spent most of Day 2 in Bugis, I swear that place is heaven to shop at. So many cheap clothes for less than SGD20 only! I wanted to buy so much more but I had to control my spending. And for the record, being the only girl shopping with a bunch of guys is no fun at all because all they wanted to do was just get it over with and go home. Zzzz.

Left the curtains open at night so I woke up to this view!
Good morning, Singapore.

Weird blur stoning face.
(I swear Samsung S4's front camera just makes me look even better HAHA)

Outfit of the day!
Daisy chiffon button up sleeveless top: Kenanga Mall in KL
Black bodycon skirt: Forever 21
Denim vest: H&M
Prada inspired bag: Taobao.com
Flats: Zara

Hauls from Bugis
Swallow chiffon cross back top (I actually saw this on a Singaporean blogshop but it was so expensive so I was really stoked when I found this there!), SGD15!!
"Paddle Pop" top, SGD12
Boy London inspired maroon cropped sweater, SGD10
I swear I would go back to Singapore just to shop.

Dinner at Bedok Central Food Centre!
Stingray & O Chien (Oyster Omelette)

Day 3
The third day was well spent with Tim! He used to stay in Singapore for a few years so he usually goes back there a few times a year. So, another personal tour guide hahaha.

Alex's extended family brought us for Bak Kut Teh at some famous shop. I'm not sure where the shop was located but it was pretty near Bedok. Singaporean Bak Kut Teh is slightly different from Malaysian Bak Kut Teh. As we all know, Malaysian Bak Kut Teh has a herbal type of soup whereas the Singaporean one has peppery soup, and it was really good, though I actually prefer Malaysia's Bak Kut Teh soup!

First stop, Orchard Road with Tim! Abercrombie & Fitch is a must to check out when you're at Orchard. Sadly when we went, most of the T-shirts weren't in stock and they were selling winterwear like flannels and jackets instead. 

Headed to check out Underground @ Scape too after reading lots of Singaporean bloggers' blogs. They had lots and lots of nice clothes there but it was pretty pricey for me. If I was Singaporean & earning SGD however, the clothes there would be really cheap so anyway if you're interested, head on over to *Scape! Editor's Market has really really nice clothes too!

Outfit Of The Day
Chain Necklace: Dee's from H&M (i think)
Swallow cross back chiffon top: Bugis
Bodycon skirt: Forever 21
Prada Inspired Bag: Taobao.com
Flats: Zara

One of the items on my bucket list after reading one of Eunice Annabel's blog posts was to go to Sentosa Cove. In her blog post, she attended a party at W Hotels and posted photos of the scenery around Sentosa Cove and I immediately fell in love with that place. So obviously, Tim and I went to visit Sentosa Cove too! (Now that's one item off my bucket list haha) 

How to get to Sentosa Cove? 
What we did was we took the MRT to Harbourfront, then the Sentosa Express Monorail from the Vivo City station to the Beach Station then we took a cab to Sentosa Cove.

No regrets going there, the view was breathtaking. Walked along the boardwalk at Sentosa Cove behind W Hotels, then we went further down to this sort of rocky beach and just sat there to enjoy the view.

Dream house in Sentosa Cove, maybe? 

My favorite photo of him of all time. :)

Went to Siloso Beach after that but sadly it started to rain! So we didn't get to take many pictures. Oh well, there's always a next time! We took the Sky Ride all the way up till the highest peak of Sentosa Island and back down. Turns out that Tim planned the exact time for us to go take the Sky Ride so that when we came down, we'd be able to see the sun set and the whole scenery :) Hehehehe what a cutie.

Japanese dinner in Vivo City and Tim brought me up to the rooftop of Vivo City to look at all the lights! If you know me personally you'll know that i LOVE lights and skyline views. 

And after that, we headed to Marina Bay Sands again! Somehow, going there with your friends and going there with someone special is just two whole different experiences altogether. The first is more fun and lively while the latter is more sweet/romantic? Wtf am I saying, hahahaha. 

Walked around the Shoppes By The Bay and also the perimeter of Marina Bay, like the Bayfront bridge, boardwalk and all. Tim tried to stall for time for a bit until we saw some lights and mist and music started playing, and turns out that he also planned the exact time to bring me to MBS because there was actually a water & light show playing at that time! Lights again <333 I swear I'm too lucky. 

 Maybe I'll work hard enough one day to get a penthouse at Marina Bay Residences
Well, a girl can dream right?

Day 4
Headed to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) with the bunch! It was Alex and Kenji's 123821379217th time being there so yeah they were our tour guides as well for that day.

USS was pretty good. It has 7 zones if I'm not mistaken? Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar land. We were looking forward to ride the Battleship Galactica ride but it was closed for maintenance, damn. Watched a fair amount of 4D videos when we were there. If you readers happen to go there, I really recommend the Transformers ride and the Mummy ride. Had the best turkey leg ever! 

Universal Studios Singapore
8, Sentosa Gateway
Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Contact number: +65 65778888
Ticket price for adults aged 13-59: SGD74

After USS, we headed back to chill by the pool, then Tim came over, chilled a bit more and we went to East Coast Beach at 12am and stayed there till about 3am! There's something about chilling by the sea in the middle of the night with someone special and your friends that's somewhat special.

 Breakfast, Singapore's famous Mee Pok!

Fcking gigantic pizza...

I'll say it again, S4 cameras are really just amazeballs to take selfies with.(Although the color runs a little bit off)
Thank you, Kenji for letting me use your phone! hahaha

Starbucks doesn't get any prettier than this

No makeup except for brows, don't judge.

Outfit Of The Day
American Apparel inspired Sunflower Crop Tee: Taobao.com
High Waisted Shorts: My mum's old jeans and I cut them, lol.
Shoes: Toms

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