12:20 PM

Paid a visit up to Cameron's for the 4th time with my parents and their friends, and their friends' children.
I'm getting quite sick of the place already. But the scenery though, it's amazing. I was smart enough to pack all shorts, I thought the temperature up there was gonna be pretty okay, but boy, how wrong was I. Actually caught a fever when I was on the way back, still sick as I'm typing this, hahaha.

Stayed in the OMF Bungalow. It has a very old British kind of architecture to it, doesn't it?


The parents

Some random photos taken when I was bored.
Finally an excuse to wear a wintery sort of outfit!

 Outfit Of The Day
Hoodie: Tim's actually, from Topman
Black Skater Skirt: Cotton On
Stockings: (yes I am aware that they're torn, I accidentally ripped them) Not too sure
Flats: Zara

 Managed to see some pretty flowers. I'm not a huge fan of flowers but they're really nice to look at.
Sadly I couldn't find any Camellia flowers though, hahaha.

Ye Olde Smokehouse

 Feeling so crappy as of now, hope I get well soon :(

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