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A self proclaimed fashion & beauty enthusiast whose niche lies in finding the best deals at the best prices, simply because everyone deserves to afford to look good. I have recently cultivated a healthy lifestyle with an interest in weightlifting and yoga. Still trying (and failing) to wake up early at 7am to practice yoga and have green tea and muesli for breakfast though. More often that not I research about history and anthropology when certain topics strike my interest. Hobbies include ingesting everything in sight and lying down on her bed laughing at memes to herself. Diagnosed with a serious case of wanderlust and slowly but surely working to fund my future travels. 

I have been blogging since 2008, and this space used to be somewhere I could pen down my day-to-day musings and motions. I've backed all of those posts up to another domain and decided to focus blogging on topics where my interests lie.

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